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What would you do in a post apopcalypse?


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Drive around in a black van and kidnap people to steal their stuff before tossing them onto the road.
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Hakar Kerarmor

I don't know, a world without pop?
I'd probably overdose on Johnny Cash to compensate.


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I would probably defy fate for a bit and survive. So fucking easy to die, so what's the point of rolling over just because a bit of apocalypse happened. Death comes only because I wasn't on my toes to avoid it.

I'd probably try to do it alone, since its a common theme in apocalypse settings to have 'that one person' or an entire group to just break under the pressure of the current situation and become a huge detriment to the rest's survival. Avoiding groups should be one of the top priorities, just right under finding shelter, water, food. I mean...cavemen did it thousands of years ago. Why the hell couldn't we do it now.

I do believe I remember coming across a show called Apocalypse Man that gave pretty good tips on an end-of-the-world situation. Should try finding it online sometime.


First thing I would do is go scavenge the local police/military barracks. After that, who knows. Would probably just travel around, going wherever the wind takes me =P


Mmm, make out with all of my friends, go hang-gliding, and swim with dolphins.


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My family are a less than friendly household apart from my foster mother, but let's face it; she'd probably be the first to go because she so damn skittish. I've already decided what I'd do;

If in case of zombie apocalypse;

Blend in, get multiple movies from Walmart or other, get twinkies, other foods, head home, lock myself in, and enjoy my stay until I need to go out again. If found out, find a hummer, run the bitches over. Head to Hollywood.

In other cases:

Beat another family into submission and steal food.

LogicfromLogic is a dick.


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Kill myself, because in a world with no civilisation it would be only a matter of time before something else- probably very unpleasant, did the job for me. I'd rather die on my own terms.


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Taken with shit webcam, had to have one hand free while I snapped the pic, hence why I happen to be in them.

The last one was awkward as I pressed the picture button with my toe. ._.

But yeah, it's decommissioned so it exists solely for ornamental purposes. I plan to auction it off for profit.

Anyways, it's a Yugoslavian M72 RPK chambered for 7.62mm Combloc. Hence the different wood and butt stock when compared with an original Russian RPK. It's from a 1973 design if I remember correctly, and the actual model is from the late 80s. The abrasions on the wood and metal suggest that it was actually used in combat and either part of surplus, or somebody killed someone to get it.

I call it Deactivated Kebab Remover.
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The Last of Us.
Lone wolf style because i have no friends i will be better off that way.
I would start constucting on some full body armour, wouldnt be too hard, zombies shouldnt be stronger than people, and people usually cant bite though armour or metal. Or if there are no zombies then just wander around surviving, nothing ever evolved with civilisation so we can survive without it.


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I would start constucting on some full body armour, wouldnt be too hard, zombies shouldnt be stronger than people, and people usually cant bite though armour or metal.

Just clad yourself in leather

Ever see a dude bite through a leather jacket?


All you need then is leather gloves, steel-capped heavy boots, leather trousers, and something to cover up your face. Like a gas mask that covers your whole head.

Light, easy, flexible, and certainly bite-proof. It'll get a bit warm in there though.


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In a world like that, I'd imagine lots of people would raid abandoned shops and steal things. Trouble is, taking a gaming laptop would become pointless with nobody online to play anything. Or maybe the Internet could become even more vital for long-range communication, with people locking themselves in their attic with a laptop, sending distress calls.


i would be looking out for myself mostly Because isnt that just human nature? Trying to survive and live? But if i found someone on the way who could contribute to me and vice versa i would let them in and survive with me otherwise its every man for himself.


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I would make sure I grab what I can for survival (Armor/clothing, rations, weapons and ammo, miscellaneous stuff for survival/looting/not dying) and do what I could to help people, I don't think I'd be able to not try and help someone in need. I'd still be cautious and keep people at arms length but I wouldn't be able to deal with myself if something happened to someone and I could've tried to help them.

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If I didn't have a place to live I would probably scavenge metal and tools to build a stronghold, then look for any seeds and start farming, then creating a larger and larger farm, gathering people to live with me, helping all that I find and want to be helped... just like how I play Minecraft.


It really depends on just how/why society has collapsed. In most cases one of the biggest issues is simply going to be that with only subsistence agriculture available the industrialized world as a huge population compared to its carrying capacity. The result is that until most people starve you're going to a have a lot of very hungry people who will do literally whatever it takes to feed their very hungry children. Something like a massive crop failure, extreme volcanic activity, nuclear war, or a large asteroid impact could both cause conditions to be unfavorable for crop growth and there you have it.

Anyhow, I am too far from any family to have a reasonable chance of reaching them. If I had enough warning to have my friends meet up with me I would (6 person group). I would then head out to the local national wild life preserve which is a located in the middle of a rather large swamp. The basic plan then would be to secure control of one of the observation towers located in the park and live atop it. There's extremely abundant food in the form of birds, only one easily accessible path, and it's obscure enough that you're not going to have other survivors flocking to it as you would with some sort of valuable containing factory.

I'm not a survivalist, but my hobbies mean I've accumulated a moderate cache of supplies. Something along the lines of 40 MRE's, survival books, 5 fire arms and a couple thousand rounds for them, a rather large amount of camping gear, a kayak, and items that could be used in the preparation and preservation of food. My friends between them own a plane, sailboat, generators, a solar panel array, and a military mobile command center on a deuce and a half frame.


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Flee with my fiancee to a secret military bunker he apparently knows of and live the rest of our lives in it.

If that doesn't work out, I'll take a cyanide pill and kiss my skinny butt goodbye.


Flee with my fiancee to a secret military bunker he apparently knows of and live the rest of our lives in it.

If that doesn't work out, I'll take a cyanide pill and kiss my skinny butt goodbye.
I'm never hanging out with you when the world is ending >:[

Find an apartment/somewhere high, make a small group with 2-3 people, get some weapons(maybe something with range, a knife and something long like a crowbar), and only go outside to find food/supplies. And get a billion books and games to play so I don't die from boredom.


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Assuming I'm not dead, I'd grab a backpack, find a shit-filled hovel to live in and start hoarding shit until some asshole kills me for my shit.