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What would you do in a post apopcalypse?


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Stay in the house. I don't live near anybody, and we have lots of animals near us.
I have a plan. So i would start by gathering my little band of soldiers and head to the Costco closest to me. we'd make chlorine gas bombs and throw them into the costco to drive out anyone in there and we'd have respirators. Gather a semi full of supplies and possibly one full of gas if it's there. If not fill as many containers with gas from the pumps and put them on a seperate truck. After that i'd head for rural cities above the treasure valley and blow the 2 main damns which would flood the valley with 20 feet of water. I'd then make my way south east and set up shop somewhere in the mountains and become self sufficient if possible we'd raid small cities and kill everyone or adopt them into our group if they are useful. Other than that we could wait out everything but a nuclear bomb. Tons of game to hunt, great land for growing, readily available timber and such. I'd also grow some newly legal plants since all laws would be out the window ;) and bring a few of my "goods" with me also.


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I'm never hanging out with you when the world is ending >:[


Pffft I'm a scrawny sad little thing that would be one of the first to die. If I could somehow pull my shit together, gained muscle and knew decent survival skills, MAYBE I got a chance.


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Hmm.....Well, in my favorite scenario of a nuclear war destroying most of the planet, I would hope that I would have horded a ton of food and water and went underground with my family. Let's say I didn't know it would happen though.

Based on where I live, I would immediately run to the bathtub and the sinks and fill them with water and plug them up so the water doesn't drain. Then, I would run to the bank and withdraw as much money as I can. I would then go to the store and buy as many goods as I can, sticking to mainly bottled water and canned foods. Perhaps a bunch of packs of batteries as well. I would then spend time digging a deep hole and keep digging until I form a small underground cavern of sorts, making sure to put up wood to hold it up. I would make sure to get all my weapons in a location that's easy to access at my house. I would go and try to buy as many animals off of other people as possible as well, build a fence and start a farm. Buy lots of fruit and veggies too. Perhaps also dig off the top layer of ground if some radiation made its way here and plant vegetables and fruit. Also, make sure to get lots of salt and try to preserve any foodstuffs that would spoil quickly using the salt.

Is there anything I haven't addressed yet?

EDIT: I would also try to get everyone in town together and set up a place for us all to conduct trade, as people will eventually realize that paper money is useless. We can trade resources to help each other survive and get the goods we want.
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Same thing I intend on doing in real life come retirement time, move high into the mountains and live on my own or assuming he wasn't killed with my husband.