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What would you do?


Your brain cells are mine
I'm assuming that we were all drunk then some crazy shit happened
That happened to me, once.
When I woke up, I was with my FoxPack, except Dig was gone, so we ran allllll around Los Angeles, and then my fursona was in the trunk, and he told me that I was really fucking drunk, and then I found out that Dig was in the basement all along!

Screwdrivers are one hell of a drink!


colla colla tag, y'all
I haven't polished up the details on my sona yet. I'm pretty sure he's fit and looks kind of like the Toronto Raptors logo from the 90's

I guess... play basketball and then go jogging?


Clowns are not my friends
Well, that would be incredibly awkward. My sona-self would probably eat me though. So yeah that wouldn't go to well. Assuming my sona was a more anthro size, still awkward, I didn't speak English so communication would be non-existent. Probably still end up gutted or something entirely unpleasant. Also, that bastard would have ruined my bed...I'd be pissed and dead.

Max Dags

New Member
Probably just look in his eyes and not ask any questions


Sophisticated Snake
Idk. Hug it? Cuddle? Pet it, thinking I'm still asleep and prolly fall back asleep.


Hit 'em right between the eyes
Fursonas? I do not have one. I do have a main character I draw though... But if you saw her, uh sssssyeeeaah. Obvious. :I

Same, except mine's a "he".


Reassure my girlfriend that the cat-girl who popped in between us in bed has absolutely no interest in sex.


First I would scream. Then I would run outside , and into thebathroom and close the door. Slowly I would open it and ask him questions whilestill holding my hands at the door to close it if he wants to attack me.
If everything goes ok then I would hug him and chat and play


It's all fun and games...
I'd stare for a long moment in groggy confusion, conclude that I must either still be sleeping or having some delusion, shrug my shoulders and cuddle up.
That is, until the sneezing would begin.
Fucking dander allergies.


Heads Berating Catastrophic
Make a fortune by selling a talking raccoon to science. :3


Since I don't have a fursona, I'll answer this as some random furry woke up next to me.
I would carefully move away from the furry and observe their behavior. Depending on their behavior I would either try to leave for my own safety or try to speak with them. I would ask them things like, 'who are you and why did you break in?".

If I met a RL furry and they were friendly, I would be trying to learn more about them.
If it turned out they were aggressive, I would try to contact animal control hoping they could be shot with tranquilizer darts and transported somewhere to be safely contained until we can learn more about them.

I'm surprised how many would react with aggression towards what would be an unusual and possibly rare creature.
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