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What would you like for Christmas?


So? There are plenty of non religious folk out there who still "celebrate" Christmas.

Why have a credit card if you can't afford the repayments? I never understood why people get credit cards only to bitch and moan later about the repayments. But now I am just rambling.

Who said she couldn't afford them when she got them?

I could afford mine when I got my card, then shit happened and I couldn't.


Hai Thar.
Lets see, I would like these things.

  • A baby (no more than six months old), Albino Lavender Reticulated Python. Those damn things are beautiful!
  • A lifetime supply of frozen rats, rabbits and mice of all shapes/sizes.
  • My van's tirod to be fixed so I can drive it again.
  • To be able to hunt legally so I can explore the wonders of providing for my family like a caveman.
  • To have my car insurance company not be F-tards and pricks.
  • Money to buy my kids all new shoes and clothes.
  • To have someone come in and clean all my carpets.

That is all.
Course there are thousands of other things, like winning the lottery, that I could stick on there, but eh.


Only a Book Smart Nerd
If you'd post 31 min earlier you would have got it posted on 12/12/12 at 12:12 pm. :rolleyes:

Hmmm. Let's see.

1. Lots of PayPal money so I can get some new reference sheets.
2. Commissions to help this PayPal money issue.
3. A job flexible in terms of part time work.
4. Non-PayPal money
5. Less bullshit in my life
6. Less issues with depending on people (especially when I make a 30 min trip to practice a scene and my scene partner lives very close to the college and doesn't show without explanation.)
7. Better social life

Bipolar Bear

Phallus Fellater
Hmmmmm... I'd like:

1. A new webcam
2. Far Cry 3
3. A new pair of red and black arm warmers
4. A Rammstein T-shirt
5. A new double bed. :3

All I really need to be honest.

Bipolar Bear

Phallus Fellater
Get the black one with the plain white R+ logo. It glows real brightly in the dark, it's awesome. c:

I must find it at once! OwO
Thanks Gibby! ^^


Vere Adeptus
I want books to read! Also bring back Reading Rainbow!
I also want to have more time to write and draw; less long-ass homework next semester, please.


New Member
An xbox :c And for my mom not to tell me about it if she does get me one >_> I've already picked out everything else I got this year, so some sort of surprise might be nice.


drunken pirate


Realistically? A Nexus 7 (realized I spend a ridiculous amount of time using my phone for web browsing, especially at university, so I don't have to bring my laptop everywhere. Might as well up the screen size). And my parents gave me a full size bed (which is amazing). No more shitty bunk bed for me, only took 20 years.

Unrealistically? A new-ish car. I love my Escort to death for its reliability, low maintenance and great fuel economy but its showing its age rapidly after approaching 165k miles. 12 years of road salt is taking a toll on it cosmetically, and its seen its fair share of fender benders. But I won't expect a different vehicle for at least 3 more years unless it ends up getting totaled somehow.


Shadow of the Night
I would love a white Christmas. I haven't had one of those in a few years.


I'm fired up!
I'm getting nothin' for Christmas!
mommy and daddy are mad!
I'm getting nothin' for Christmas!
cause I ain't been nothin' but bad!


1. A job that I don't hate (It doesn't exist)
2. Money

Why? Because with either of those things I can get the things that I want.

Sam 007 NL

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