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What would you pay for my art?


Your Cantaloupine
I know asking people to price your art is rough, and pricing other people's art is rough. I just wanna get a vague idea of what I should shoot for when I update my prices, because I know I am undercutting myself when it comes to what I charge.

Here's what I could offer, and a rough guess of how long it takes.
Not the best anatomy, something quick and simple.
Messy lineart, lazy shading
Sketches with blended painterly style coloring. No hard lineart
Clean Lineart with flat colors
Clean Lineart with cell shading. Best for Page dolls and Telegram stickers
From simplistic backgrounds to full illustrations, this is the second most complex type of art
Range from simple* to complex
*Simple refs will generally run you about the same as a flat color, unless it is a character design commission


Well-Known Chee
I'm definitely not an expert, but a good way to price your art is by the amount of time it takes you to create the finished piece. I wouldn't suggest paying yourself less than at least $10 an hour. You seem to have a pretty good idea of how long it takes for each piece, so I'd suggest deciding on an hourly rate that you believe is reasonable (and that you'd work for in an actual job - don't sell yourself short!) and pricing your art from there. You can add in extra fees if it takes up supplies you have on hand, or for complex characters, etc.

Ziggy Schlacht

Hasn't figured out this "straight" business
How much is your time worth to you? If people like the art, they'll pay it. If you're willing to spend 2 hours of your time to make $10, then price accordingly. If you'd rather $50, then charge $50. If you won't get out of bed for less than $100, then charge $100.

In short, don't worry about what folks will pay, and charge instead what you want to make.