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What would you, personally, call cat/dog hybrid fursonas?

Kosmo Kittypup

Goodest Space Boy
the most obvious option "catdog" is mostly associated with the show and is hard to thing of differently, "dogcat" doesn't sound good, "puppycat" is also a taken by a show... i strongly prefer "kittypup" as an option, obviously! but i was wondering, what do other people think?


Antelope-Addicted Hyena
Kittypup works great, I think. Sounds like an actual nickname that this kind of creatures could get from others in their setting. I'd stick to it.

(and IRL, the animal that is kinda halfway between canines and felines is hyena, just sayin' ;) )

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Dogcat /catdog

Just a dog/cat hybrid sounds good enough. I don't see the need to make up a new word.


I may be mad but I'm perfectly good at it.
Puppykitten if you want it to sound cute.

(I call my ferret "puppykitten", not that that is relevant.)