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What Would You Recomend


What Does The Fox Say(isn't this original)
Alright so I am not one of those people who ask about 'coming out as a furry' but I need help if my parents ever do find out. Because recently I have had some close calls with them finding out like when they needed to borrow my computer, which wouldn't be bad except my parents aren't the most accepting. They even got mad at me when I told them I was talking to some online friends that I haven't met in person, although I met them through one of my best friends. Plus they already have a VERY strong opinion about furries. And aren't the type of parents you can reason with. In fact one time they saw a fursuiter and said "stay away from people like that they are just a bunch bad news". Which at the time I was kind of new to the fandom so that got me nervous to even join it. So the question is what should I do if they ever find out I am one, I can't even imagine their reaction to them finding out I'm a furry so what would you recommend if they ever find out?


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I've said this many times before, but you just have to wait. Store all of your related files in the farthest reaches of your computer, and if they don't have much technical experience with computers, delete history. Often. Wait until you're 18 or mostly independent, at that point you're pretty much safe. Safe from what, you ask? Parental action. Some parents feel the need to overrule their children's decisions or interests on the notion that their children are still dependent on them. They may or may not do this if they find out, but don't risk it.


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1. Store files related to the fandom on a password protected dropbox or google drive or something.
2. Set up your browser to automatically clear your cache every time you close it.
3. Browse FA with the door locked, regardless of if they are home, asleep, away, whatever.

Edit: If they do find out, you need to understand that a very small amount of research by them will open all sorts of doors you can never close. Do your best to keep them from finding out until you have more power to actually do something about it.