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What would your fursona's theme song be?


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for me it'd be this :
im rlly into j-rock and this pretty much fits my pretty chill nature.


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1) It’s happy and upbeat, like my sona a lot of the time
2) My sona likes candies


Siamese Weeb
I've got an odd one, a Mario Kart song? My characters are too simple to have themes that have lyrics. I heard this remix of Ribbon Road and it represents Sabby perfectly.



And no, they did not typo "furries" before anyone asks. >:v Y'all dunno how many times...

Reasoning for this song is less the lyrics, though some do fit, but more the overall feel of the song.

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We already have a thread for this but...



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These two are both pretty fitting. ;)
The Queen song is more lighthearted and the Heart song is more serious. Lol

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Jackpot Raccuki

Fursona's name: "Jackpot"
General astetic has been: Money, Casino and Greed
I think I know where this is going.

Otherwise, I think this is more fitting for my shitposting side;

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It would say a combination of these two for my main sona. A mix of lonliesness, quiet anger and sadness, but also curiosity and strong willed optimism



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Because Arnak has both wings and violet eyes, but mostly because he misses his true love.