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What would your reaction be if real Furries (not fantasies, but flesh and blood) suddenly appeared in the world? what would happen in your vision?


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The question is... do I stay human? Turn into my fursona? Or do just random furries pop into existence around us?


Inquisitor of the Radical Ordo
Then my reaction would be confusion at the 'how' it happened, and abject disappointment that I'm not one of them.


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New best friends! And sadness that I can never be one of them. :(
I wonder if they'd still look cute. Maybe they'd look kinda freaky in real life.


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realistically complete and utter chaos, we all know how stupid the general public is, me i would see them be intrigued befriend those that do want friendship( knowing full well anthro or human some just wont),fight for equality as human arrogance wont die easy, If is luck is on my side some peace and life kind of goes back to how it was before


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eles morreriam rapidamente e / ou o mundo seria lançado no caos devido à industrialização e produção em massa de basicamente qualquer necessidade (comida, roupas, carros, habitação, remédios, etc.) sendo praticamente impossível para centenas de espécies de animais antropomórficos, em oposição a apenas humanos. isso e as complicações sociais e religiosas conforme afirmado anteriormente. havia um tópico semelhante como este que foi postado antes, e eu vim com cerca de 50 ou mais razões detalhadas para que isso fosse uma atrocidade para toda a vida na Terra, basicamente.
You can show me?


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Not to derail, but you quoted something I see in english and it looks like it came out in Portuguese. What's going on?
Oh! sorry i am Brazilian and i´m not write in English very well, i used google translate to know some words and sentence, i believer my browser's automatic translated my answer to Portuguese accidentally, i see nobody writing i my post and I thought about posting in another topic


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I mean I imagine they'd look something like Indri Lemurs so pretty cool but if they have humanlike intelligence oh my god the chaos