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What your pet peeves about any hobby?


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It's really supposed to be pronounced "Po-kay-mon", but I say "Pok-uh-mon". Do most people say it that way?

Technically yes, it is supposed to be pronounced "Pok-ay-mon", but it's much more common for people to pronounce it as "Pok-uh-mon" because it rolls off the tongue the easiest.


The entitled self proclaimed experts on a specific subject who can't accept any different points of view from those they vigorously preach around eloquently, even on situations entirely tied down to personal experiences which will obviously vary from one person to another.

Worse when they make it clear there ignorant of the topic. Won't discuss or expand when corrected with actual infomation or just carry on trolling by pasing there trash as fact.


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Technically yes, it is supposed to be pronounced "Pok-ay-mon", but it's much more common for people to pronounce it as "Pok-uh-mon" because it rolls off the tongue the easiest.

U-oh! I have always said 'Pokey-Mon'...as if they are pointed, or slow.

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Thanks a lot for the information! Maybe the situation is not as hopeless as I thought.
P.S. As for the noise... My Anet A6 at its typical working speed is even quieter than a vacuum cleaner (especially when printing with PETG, where speeds are lower than for PLA and you do not need to turn on airflow at full power). Despite the fact that I did not take any special measures to combat noise (like replacing the control board, along with the stepper motors drivers).
OK. Today I did replace old anet control board, with it's soldered A4988, with SKR 1.4 and TMC2208 drivers. As a result, now during printing, the loudest sound is the humming of the extruder cooler fan.


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As a digital artist, my biggest pet peeve is dealing with hand cramps. I want to be a neverending art machine but noooo, I have to be born with "physical limitations" and have to "stretch and rest" or else I'll get "crippling carpal tunnel syndrome".

Seriously, how long is it going to take for us to be able to download our brains into immortal robot bodies?

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Toxic fandoms in fan art was something I cringed at in the past when I was into things like Zelda and Undertale.

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A while ago I was considered underaged by a furry because I haven't had nsfw-tags on my profile, nor did I show any interest in nsfw art.

That- That's a new one. One I don't like the implications of. I guess that's a new pet peeve with the whole furry hobby.


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People who think they are hot shit because they are good at a skill and treats everyone who is at a lower skill level like shit.

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When you're broke and you buy the generic brand drawing pens, but they dry out in 3 weeks!!


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How filled with bigotry and paranoid doomsday nonsense the amateur radio community is.

Most people have no idea how much racist nonsense is just flying around them 24/7 for anybody to hear.


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Good binoculars, digiscopes, and telephoto lenses are crazy expensive. Most of the pictures I get are a few blurry pixels.
Success in finding the birds you're looking for is largely about being in exactly the right place at the right time, and if you're lucky you can look at them for a few seconds before they disappear.

My folks' house has a bird feeder in the front lawn and I'm usually just content to look at whatever's visiting when I visit them. x3

(mostly pigeons)


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When it comes to rockhounding, many people are secretive about locations where they've found interesting rocks/minerals. I mean, I get why they're secretive - they don't want random jerks to come and trash the place. But it also makes it harder for newbies.

I have a massive rock collection too but my pet peeve is storing it!


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Does that collection include a pet rock?....... :3
If any of them were pets they'd have long since died from neglect, sadly, because they're all boxed away.

I do have 5 on my desk at the moment though including a massive sea urchin fossil I found in a carpark.


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It encourages hoarding behaviour. I make traditional art, and sometimes it involves found objects, used textiles, collage, etc. Thrift stores are dangerous for me, because there's so much junk that I could turn into something really interesting, if I find the time! I've gotten better at managing it, but my materials still take up a lot of space and require a lot of organizing.


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Networking. I love it and I hate it, but I never have anybody to ask questions to so I always end up in a corner just doing what I can with my minimal knowledge. I'd love to know more about that shiz.


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Elitism. Particularly when it comes to anime. Holy hell. Weebs can be so damn condescending towards each other for liking the "wrong" anime. It's odd because the anime community can be pretty meme-y and nice too. But the elitism really sticks out like a sore thumb. I've kept my distance for this reason. I've also seen a bit of this in the visual novel community too(and especially on one site in particular). There have been times where people have even made threads asking (not really, more like ranting) why people *dare* like the visual novel in question.

Division and conflict. The gaming in general is like this. Mind you, I'm not saying that it's all unwarranted, but whether it's companies, community members, or people outside of the community, it feels there's often a reason to argue with others or dislike something.

On the flip side, drawing and art in general has been a refreshing change of pace. It's pretty positive. Yes, there is drama (especially for furries), but it's not in the foreground as much.

My last one: You have to sink in time doing the boring stuff before you can really start doing the fun stuff. Talking about drawing here of course. Not that I dislike drawing at my skill level, but what the mind conceives does not match what the hand can make. It can make drawing a challenge at times.


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lack of recognition of your works.

Yes, friends, it's nice that you say that I draw well, but I don't see any of that online where it actually matters if I want to get commissions and reach some kind of audience.


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Firmware updates...
I just installed firmware updates the two lenses for my camera that I use the most (yes, updates for lenses are a thing now .__.).
First of all, it took forever. That was annoying.

But the second lens I had actually manually calibrated in the software. It allows you to properly calibrate the focus at each focal length so you get sharp(er) photos.
The firmware update wiped my settings... Now I have to calibrate the lens again. That means tomorrow I'll have to take a bunch of test photos of a little focus scale at different distances to set it up for the weekend...
Usually I'd just set general settings in the camera itself but this lens in particular completely misses at 70mm when I am close to the subject. It is easily corrected in the software so it doesn't bother me but I am pretty peeved that I have to set it up all over again... And I did it two years ago so I definitely can't remember the exact settings anymore.


With few tech communties, Lately with the audio one i really lothe how insane the hype trains can get. Seeing people who haven't had anything past £100, Act how some medicore earphone is a high end or mid end killer.

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It's how inefficient it makes me. My hobby is : sleeping