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What's for Dinner, Furbabes?

Share your food with Sparrow!

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Commission Work: Short Story Writer
I had a toasted cheese sammich and an apple. Now I'm washin' it down with some diet pepsi.

What're you eating and how much of it are you giving me? ^o^


Your average Stand enjoyer
Chicken meatballs in cream sauce with mashed potatoes.

Added ontop is chili ketchup, spices and roasted onion.

Pic somewhat related.


Pasta with italian sausage, herbs, and vegetables (Red peppers and green onions this time)

It's my standard. Fresh, delicious, but incredibly easy to make.


The toaster is laughing at me.
Student style cooking dish of diced gammon, a bag of pilau rice, stuck in some spicy tomato and herb sauce. It works deliciously :3
I'm having mac n' cheese with Old Bay on it and a pear for dessert, with water.... er.... *hands Sparrow a bowl and holds a giant serving spoon piled high with Ol' Bay mac n cheese* how hungry are you?