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What's in your gaming back log?


Kinky Rubber Latias
basically, what games do you have, but haven't gotten around to playing/completing yet?
for example, I have TONS of games I haven't gotten around to playing thanks to the Steam winter sale Like:
-Alien Vs Predator 2011
-Aliens colonial Marines (for the lulz ofc XD)
-Cities Skylines
-Civ V and VI
-Jurassic Park The Game
-Dragon Age Origins
-Dead Cells
-Hollow Knight
-TES: Oblivion
-Duke Nukem 3D
-Duke Nukem Forever(again, for the lulz)
-Fallout 3, NV, and 4
-all the Fnaf games
-Freedom Planet
-Stardew Valley
-Portal 2
-Hotline Miami games
-Papers, Please
-Most of the Star wars games on steam
and many many more


Friendly jaguar writer dude
So, so many as well:

Guardians of the Galaxy
The Last Door
Stories Untold
Void & Meddler
Journey of a Roach
Torment Tides of Numenera
Fallout 4
Tooth & Tail
Doki Doki Literature Club
Sally Face
Dark Dreams Don't Die
Layers of Fear

There's probably more....
Managed to catch up on most of my back log while off from work but still a couple left:
The Last of Us Remaster
Final Fantasy X
Nathan Drake Collection
Pillars of Eternity
Divinity: Original Sin


Woof? Woof
My backlog's too long to list up. :V


The sheep
Playing Resident Evil 7 right now. Still want to buy the remastered Shadow of the Colossus and Monster Hunter World. Possibly Dark Souls remastered when it's re-released on XB1.

Though Monster Hunter World just sort of seems like a Coop Dark Souls with mostly boss fights and more gimmicks. It might sound like I'm bashing it, but it's more drop in drop out casual, which would be perfect for me lately.

Oh. Witcher 3 as well. What a fantastic game.
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Active Member
TF2, Portal 2, DOOM, Ceres, Vermintide, Legend of Grimrock and CS GO. This would be my current situation on Steam btw.


The one and only.
Wanna play the FEAR series, Borderlands, Sword Art Online, Ratchet and Clank (only played 1 & 2), Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, Batman season 2, Batman Arkham series....


Writes filthy words for filthy furs
Ugh, I keep catching site of the copy of Xenosaga Episode 1 I have on my shelf. I keep meaning to play it, but literally years have passed now since I put it there.


The New Guy
I have to many games I need to get to like Persona 5, Nier, Walking Dead Season 3 and about 200 more games. I must learn to let go :’(