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what's liquids have you killed a keyboard with


I wouldn't say that's a FA great. Popular, but not a great.

I've not killed my computing equipment with any liquid.

Also, the 's on the end of what should not be there.


None. I've had the same keyboard for nine years.

Also: I've never heard of that person before.


I didn't do it, but my brother spilled champagne or something all over it. Why he had champagne, I have no idea. ;/

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I spilled some arnold palmer on my comp just this very night! Luckily it survived the attack.

On a side note my keyboard looks like shit and I heard you can just throw it into the dishwasher and let it properly dry and it'll be kosher. Can someone C/D this?

i am not at liberty to say~



While opening a can of coke a little bit splashed onto my keyboard. Was a little sticky for a while, but it was fine.

Holy shit! A furry's keyboard that was sticky but NOT from spooge! Call the press!


I've never been retarded enough to accidentally a drink on my keyboard. I always prevent those accidents. I did blow my load and get some on the screen and keyboard once when I was having a cyber session that has yet to be topped though. And yeah, it was my own stupid fault because I forgot to just put a sock on my shit first, but then again it sorta just happened out of the blue and by the time I realized it I was almost there and was like "ah, fuck it".


speaking of furry keyboard...


......................... .....
Never spill fanta on a keyboard
I acts as a food source for a really agressive and difficult to get rid of fungus.


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i ahve spilled battery acid in one,(don't ask how)

ahh it is amusing to literly over a few hours watch it eat it away XD


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I ALMOST spilled tons of Pepsi in my keyboard not long ago.....


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well i didnt exactly KILL it,m but it nerly gave me a heart attack... all my musics on my netbook, so i attach it to the steroi in the bathroom (dont have a cd-burner!) so i reach to skip it and suddenly the musics frozen. i have to jump out of the shower and wrestle the battery off the machine to forceshutdown it. i let it sit for half an hour and pray when i turn it back on and find i didnt do any lasting damage -.-

crisis averted.


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I've only succeeded in killing a keyboard with Dr. Pepper. Can was cold, had condensation in the outside so when it picked up it, it slipped out of my hands and landed upside down in the center of the keyboard. Death was instantaneous.

But overall, I've been pleasantly surprised by the resiliency of most keyboards to damage from beverages. I've spilled tea, soda, water, hard cider, saki and even gin on keyboards and they all lived. Dr. Pepper was the only thing that proved lethal.

May that be a lesson to us all.


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I've never spilled a drink on my keyboards, not in my ENTIRE history of computers. Mom did a Pepsi on one once however.

I have gotten small gobs of pizza sauce or mayo on the keyboard but that was easy enough to clean.


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I once killed my laptop with a glass of iced tea.

I never drink anything when I'm using my laptop ever since.


None. I've had the same keyboard for nine years.

Eewww! That's just gross.....

I have spilled EVERYTHING on keyboards over the years. I've dropped more coffees, Cokes, Chardonnays, Merlots, Beer, Tequila than probably anyone else alive. Course I've been doing it longer too.

What's really embarrassing is when its a keyboard in a rack in a data centre. :oops: The server guys get so pissy when I move a probe or sniffer and tip a Timmies XLDD into their precious keyboard tray. :rolleyes: We have a "no beverages" rule in most data centres.....but there is a standing order that all my network nerds ignore it. Leadership by example. :cool:

(and if they get really pissy about it, their server gets blackholed to :twisted: )


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I've had the same keyboard for nine years.
Eewww! That's just gross.....
It's not that bad as long as you take care of it. I've had my current keyboard since... *does math* 2002. It's a Dell PS/2 keyboard (the one with the rotary volume knob in the corner) and it's the best keyboard I've ever used, and that counts Logitech and Razor boards.

It's come across a few spilled sodas and some PB&J remnants over the years (and no, never any bodily fluids), but because of a really good outer casement design, it's never gotten into the guts of the board.

I make a point of fully dissasembling it and cleaning every nook, cranny, and key with rubbing alcohol and Q-Tips about once every three months or so, so there's never any gunky buildup.

This keyboard has withstood years of typing, FPS gaming, poundings, 4 hardware rebuilds, and 3 9 moves (if you count the dorm move-in-move-outs), and general abuse, and still works just as well as the day I got it.

I gotta hand it to Dell. Most of their stuff sucks nowadays, but this keyboard will be around until the end of time.

Kinda wish it was wireless, though...

EDIT: Also, this belongs in Bits and Bytes, or at the very least, Off Topic.
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