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What's Something You Learnt Today?


I see what you did thar
I learned that I get to miss the big lunch tomorrow at my job where the CFO pays for everyone at a fancy restaurant because I have school.... screw college, I want my fancy schmancy free meal damn you!
I learned that YNGWIE MALMSTEEN that had a show in Israel yesterday is a general psychopat with massive guitar skills that even quitted drinking and smoking! Though he still uses drugs and shit and adrenaline shots to keep his guitar speed. Also, he kidnapped his wife before they married. Also, he has an album name called 'Unleash the fury' named about when he unleashed his fury on an airplane. His last lead vocal that joined him was the former judas priest lead vocal.
I learned that a tank of O2 can rupture without flying like a rocket. Some idiot dropped a tank off some scafold and on impact it popped. Loud as hell, no one got hurt.


I knew a guy who tried to lube his girlfriend up using hot butter.

She wound up in the hospital with burns on her vajayjay.

If you need to lube up a girl before sex, you're doing it wrong and suck in bed.

That must have been awkward for the hospital staff.


FAF's #1 Terrorist
I really didn't learn anything today, because the important classes were displaced by the ACT and PSAE testing today

Why does it seem like the important classes today were on the third floor?


I learned there was a band called I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua..... It entertained me for about an hour. ^-^

oh and i learned that eating food off the floor can make you stomach hurt later.


In Beta We Trust
I learned not to order Chinese food that is located next to a pound.


Master of Disaster
Today I learned a few things.

The first thing I learned was that I am horribly out of shape. The second thing I learned was that even being horribly out of shape, I can still run a mile and a half in 11 minutes and 19 seconds. The third thing that I learned was that running that slowly makes my corporal very unhappy, and tied in with that is the new fact that up-down drills really, really, really hurt.


the designated hype man
i have learned that cum travels at 28 miles an hour when being shot fromm the urethra


Now with 90% more of 90% less
I learned that Cziffra transcribed the Flight of the Bumblebee for piano.


Biggest buttplug ever
That all the good threads around here get closed before I can get to them...

(except for the virgin thread, but I think that's inevitable...)