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What's something you really hate?


Just Another Fox
You should be thankful to even get it at that price. The cheapest I have found here yet is $2.73. Usually it's around $2.99-$3.09.

Oh I am thankful we have relatively low gas prices. I'm just annoyed that it gets so much cheaper the next day.


Professional loser
I hate people who argue with no facts or evidence and people who are completely blinded by ignorance. I also hate any greedy/evil/manipulative/psychopathic piece of shit that only cares about themselves. It's sad to see so much destruction, devastation, suffering, pain, and violence because of these scumbags. Society has actually gotten to the point where nobody shows any emotion to someone's death on the news because death is just so common. It's sad to see such a currupt and horrible society that's run by greed and destruction. What's worse is the dumbass sheeple who will just ignore reality and continue to live their fake lives in their little fantasy world. I think it's time for an uprising.