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What's something you wish more people would try?


Sheogorath is my co-pilot
Commissioning artists. It's amazing what people can create when they have a little appreciation and coin to do what they love.

Also, commenting positively to people and appreciating our differences and similarities. It's nice to be called handsome, beautiful, or graciously flirt with someone. Positivity is not as infectious as negativity, but it takes a lot to hurt it when it is in abundance.


Fun loving kitty cat
Caring a little more about those around them randomly, just because it's the right thing to do and to see the gratitude of the recipient.


Defender of the Sacred Nuggs
Be open to have ideas challenged. A lot of people live in echo chambers with the same perspectives and talking points about events and issues repeated. I think it is healthy to have preconceptions and perspectives challenged to gain insight, to gain better understanding and be introspective on why we see and think the way we do.