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Streaming has been mentioned in a lot of threads before, but I couldn't find one that has the sole purpose of comparing different streaming websites for artists. I would like to know what your experiences are. Are you streaming yourself or are you a just a (regular) watcher? What features do you like on website xy and what features are you missing?

I used to host and watch streams with join.me several years ago. I liked that you could see the whole screen in almost full resolution and so, for example, I could see what brush settings the artist is using. But as a host, you had almost no options to customise your stream when using a free account. Maybe it has become better over the years. I don't know.

What seems to be really popular among furry artists nowadays is Picarto. It's allowing NSFW streams, but does it have any other benefits?
What about livestream or twitch? Or Tigerdile?


I don't stream except rarely, but everyone I know who streams uses Picarto - in combination with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) which is a free recording tool
Join.me is slow and choppy in my experience, I don't know if it's just my computer though. Also, I haven't used it in a while but I hear join.me has a small watcher limit unless you pay for it now. As far as I know Picarto doesn't have that. Another bonus is that join.me is always used with a temporary code to your stream, but Picarto gives you a permanent channel with the same URL.

I prefer to use OBS than join.me, because instead of capturing your entire screen, you can set it so it will only stream one program. Just in case you have to tab out or do something by accident, it won't ruin your stream. You can also overlay custom graphics on your stream window like a border or your logo or anything else you want.


Agreed, OBS is nice since it's free. :) Although for some reason no matter what I try it eats up my CPU like crazy. I spent hours looking up different solutions people swear works but for me nothing worked. It was also very inconsistent. One day it works great and the next I can't get the frame rate to stop dropping. D: And mind you my computer is no dinosaur. If that happens to you to give XSplit Broadcaster a try. There's a version of it that's free and all it really adds is a small logo on your stream so no big deal. :) There are some limitation since they want your money. The most annoying is not being able to pause a recording while streaming.