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What's the most horrific thing you've ever seen?


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the worst in real life was when I was in Tennessee and we were getting ready to move back west to Wyoming. we had to get a storage unit down in Tennessee well the last load we took to the unit this guy brought his german shepard and decided to abandon him there. We knew nothing about this until later but as we were leaving the dog decided to follow his masters car we pulled up to where we could see the street and right in front of us we saw a truck hit the dog. I can not get the image out of my head it seemed like time had slowed down as you saw the poor thing go under the front tire and get dragged a little by the back tire. The truck didn't stop and the poor thing lived through it but needed medical major attention. We stopped and got him out of the road while calling animal control to come and get him. My dad sat with the dog in the bed of our truck keeping him laying down to try to help him from getting hurt any worse. It was really horrible to witness and I had nightmares about it that night. I have seen worse on the internet but this one hit me so bad. To this day I don't know if the dog made it or had to be put down.


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My cousin eating raw chiken, than vomiting all over the floor, than my mums dog eating it. I regret that dare very much now.


Kevin Ware, the Louisville player whose leg bone snapped in half through his skin when he landed on it wrong from jumping in a game earlier this week.


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The offended page over on ED. It's just a clusterf*ck of gross images. My friend showed me it and said it would be funny and was laughing, meanwhile i'm there just like "Dude, WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?".

That and the baby fur section on FA. Oh god lol.


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Hmm, once my Grandma fell off her bicycle and bled quite heavily from her head, that was pretty nasty. I guess it proves that you need to wear a helmet. But to be honest, I've got by in my life without seeing many scary or horrid things.

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Kevin Ware, the Louisville player whose leg bone snapped in half through his skin when he landed on it wrong from jumping in a game earlier this week.

Which is what the OP talked about that brought forth this thread
I guess there was this one moment in Doctor Who where a guy got crushed to pieces in a compost machine, although it happened off-screen and there wasn't any blood. Even so, just the idea alone of somebody getting mashed up and turned into compost - whilst alive and fully conscious - is rather horrific in itself.
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1. self-inflicted shotgun blast to the head.
2. person ran over by a train going 45mph.
3. partial amputation of the lower leg. Could see all the gross anatomy. Nasty, but fascinating.


Probably that ED page with the mutilated people and animals that I go to through a link and curiosity. I regret it so much.

Also recently it was a picture of some girls back revenged straight with the spine so it was just...out an sticking out. Not sure if it was real or just special effects makeup but it was pretty gruesome to say the least.


A women at work dislocated her arm at her elbow. It looked like her forearm was on backwards.


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The worst video I saw was a guy falling off a bridge or something, hitting the concrete and his head splitting open vertically like a book.

The worst thing I saw in real life was coming downstairs to the sight of two burglars carrying my TV to the door.


When my female teacher is standing right front of me with dildo with blood all over it. Then she said " Heyyyy want some red facepainting". And then I said " I don't want my piston oiled by you" and I went away.


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I saw a soldier get shot in the neck on video. It was pretty bloody, had to hear him scream too.

IRL: I've seen people get hit by cars multiple times. The worst was a deliberate hit so the person got pretty fucked up. Broken ribs n' shiz. Blood from the grille. Nasty.


On tv: Part of a movie where someones organs where hanging everywhere in the sky

In real life: My cat consuming a bird


I'm a stupid fuck and have traumatized myself, but I feel knowing the truth of these things makes me a better person. Gives me drive, spirit, whatever, you know?

Just about everything related to the War with Chechnya, Azerbaijan, Abkhazia, Iraq, Afghanistan, some Vietnam, Syria, 1st Infitada, civil wars in Africa; I'll be honest with you, I'm so fucking sick and tired of these monsters that just rush to war like it's a goddamn tit. I tremble, I cry, I scream. I fight. Never understand it, but thanks for knowing now, I feel bullet proof. Like the entire concept of stepping up somebody elses crimes with something worse is mostly a game, and once you see past it, see past the little fuck-twits playing sand warrior in somebody elses country, the propaganda of it, you're free to finally confront it for what it is.

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for me.... Seeing a crew chief on a UH-60 accidentally walk into the running tail rotor of another uh-60. The distance between the ground and the tail rotor of a Blackhawk is 6ft. 8in. so to this day I have no idea how his head hit it. o.0
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I have not seen the Human Centipede movies.

I was described a scene from Human Centipede 2, and my felt the strings of my sanity twisting themselves ever so slowly.

Newborn death. That's all I'm going to say.