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What's the scariest horror game you've played?


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The witch didn't scare me because it was too easy to get past her. Sure she gets pissed off but only if you wave your cock in her face for five minute.
The witches in L4D2 walk around


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I didn't like that game much. It was toooo hard!
Well, I only played the demo of it

I think I stood there for like, 20 minutes trying to get past the witch
And then I was killed by zombies


I'm curious as to what people thought of the Alan Wake game. I beat it, and it was a little scary.

Alan Wake started out as an original and interesting game, but then somewhere during development someone said "Guys, this game would sell better if we made it like Resident Evil 4!". Everyone then apparently agreed, and they made a crappy Resident Evil 4 copy.

Also on topic, scariest game I've played would probably be Silent Hill 2 and Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl (Most notably the Agroprom underground and all the X labs).


That is irrelevant
Fatal frame


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Honestly, there's pretty much no modern game that scares me, to be honest. I've never been frightened at all by anything in RE or Silent Hill besides a few of the jump scares. Honestly, if there's one thing that scares me, it's really, really old games. As in, Atari/C64/Apple 2 era.

I don't really know what it is that does it for me, but when I play or see videos of a few of those old games, even the ones that aren't even meant to be scary, I actually start losing my breath a little. Maybe it's because the graphics and sounds are so abstract and unnatural. Or maybe it's because so many of them involve unbeatable enemies who will try to hunt you down.

Here, let me show you what I mean. This is Tunnel Runner. Imagine that you're one of the ghosts from Pac-Man. He's just found a power pellet that never, ever runs out, and he's going to hunt you down and...


Or imagine, a huge demon slowly bringing itself slowly closer to you, the only sound you can hear your own heartbeat and the crashes of lightning that signal your soon to be demise.

Oh wait. You don't have to.

Silent Hill ain't shit.


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I just started playing Cryostasis a few days ago, and it managed to scare the shit out of me almost as much as Penumbra did.

And yeah, System Shock 2 is awesome. A lot of things in that game are identical to Bioshock. Except the story and the setting, of course.

The Suffering... Meh. Never really scared me. Not even jump scares. It was gory as hell, that's all.

The Silent Hill games rarely scare me, don't know why. Except SH4. God, I hated the ghosts from that. And the Slurpers from SH3.

And to be honest, Doom 3 was the crappiest horror game I have ever played.
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I'm trying to think of games that disturbed me more than just jumping out and scaring the snot out of me. I have to say there are few and far between. Maybe the first "The Suffering" game, the second one had some creepy monsters, but the atmosphere just wasn't as spooky plus the cop-out ending pissed me off. AVP2 had some really good tense moments in it while playing as the marine, and Alone in the Dark 4: The new nightmare (which is what I think the full title is for the PSONE version of AitD is?) was spooky as all fuck. To me though, every game is scary as I suffer from the syndrome discussed in Max Brooks' "Zombie Survival Guide" called "Panic Trigger". So anytime anything pops out at me I'm the one showering it with bullets until the wall behind it looks like swiss cheese...even if it's just a bird or something....*ahem*....*emberassed grin*


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Splatterhouse 2 for the Genesis, if you didn't play it back then though I don't see how it could scare you now with it's graphics. But you sure don't see bosses like this game's nowadays, dead baby fetuses on meathooks spitting out pea vomit, in a basement with carcasses chained to the walls oozing out blood? Oh and you punched chainsaws, that was a hardcore horror game!



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The Silent Hill series has the vote in my book.
Those games make you piss pure fear at every little noise.
Remember the mannequin scene in SH3?

How about not able to hear it at all? I have to keep my weapon loaded and ready whatever the hell it was around the corner. It scared the shit out of me when I got one attacked me from behind.

Resident Evil Series (except 4 and 5)
Silent Hill Series
The Suffering

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I've played the Silent Hill series and Resident Evil series for a long time and during those time I always thought there were the most scariest games ever that is until I bought the Fatal Frame games. Those games scared me so much that when I bought all 3 as a pack I didn't play them for about 2 years when I finally got the guts to play them just recently. Those games made me afraid of the dark for a while as well as start to hear noises at night.

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scariest game was SKIFREEE when the fuckken yetti runs out of the wooods and eats your skier guyer

holy shit it happens so fast WATCH YOSELF


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silent hill for sure, great atmosphere in the first few games


Isn't a horror game per-say BUT the Ocean Hotel in Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines scares the FUCK out of me when I play that part in the middle of the night with the sound on, and if you turn around at the right point, the husband who murdered is standing there with an axe covered in blood.


My vote is ALL of silent hill, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, and the fatal frame games <.< and the first bioshock: the scene in the beginning where the splicer's shadow is singing to the cradle.... GAH.


playing the marine campaign in Alien vs. Predator in the mines that is some freaky stuff when you cant see anything even with the brightness setting up on high... i hate playing the humans, the Xenomorphs are amazing however.


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Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, and a few of the Blair Witch games that started coming out early/late 2000-2001.

Also? Tale-of-tales, "The Path."

That one was entertaining, mostly because if you sprint for long, the characters actually seem to want to run away from you.