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What's the scariest nightmare you've had?

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I had a dream once where I was stabbed and felt the pain when I woke up, but I can't remember anything else about it. I know one dream however where I counted some 2,000 crayons for some reason, I had a horrible headache that morning.


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The scariest nightmare i had? Well it happens everyday. I wake up and realise im not dead or alseep

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I dont really get those...

Ive had a few where Ive been stalked by people, or chased. I can never run fast enough, or when I try to scream I can't scream, it's like I have a sore throat and my screams arent loud enough to call for help. Or if I try to punch someone, my wrist is floppy or I miss or it doesnt hit hard when it connects. I apparently dont have a good source of self defense in my dreams, in real life I hope that isnt the case.

I've also had dreams where my parents have tracked me down and harassed me like they do in the real world, that's my own personal nightmare.

Also, any miscellaneous nightmares like my phone screen shattering, and feeling like this is real and permanant, and that overwhelming feeling of waking up and realizing that never happened and everything is fine, lol.

Oh...I did have a dream once where I got shot. That one was a little terrifying because I felt the life slowly ebbing out of my body as if I was slowly dying. Very creepy.

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I'm like Sarah Connor. I've actually had recurring nightmares about nuclear attacks and being a victim of them.

From what I can remember, they actually were lot like that scene in Terminator 2. The thought of being a victim of a nuclear strike is something that scares the holy hell out of me, so I'm positive that it's a subconscious manifestation of that. I remember them being pretty vivid dreams that typically take place at night, while I'm in my bedroom sleeping. In the dream I'll suddenly wake up just in time to see the light from the flash coming through the windows, and the sky will light up like it's the middle of the day. Next thing I know, it suddenly gets scorching hot and everything, including me, starts catching on fire. And I remember how utterly helpless I feel in that moment, totally at the mercy of fate, and how in that split-moment I'm struck by the devastation of knowing that I'm about to die a horrible death. Then suddenly I wake up before the blast hits me.

They were really fucking scary nightmares. It gives me chills thinking about them now. It doesn't help that irl, I live literally right next door to an Air Force base that has about 120 ICBMs under its control, scattered in silos to the south and east of here. It makes the dreams that much more real and believable, since, in a real life nuclear exchange, it would be raining warheads all around here.

Yeah, fun times.
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That more and more, the wealthy and corporations are running the show in America, and fuck poor people, the working class and the environment; it's all about greed, and lining the pockets of a few Washington elites, well connected Wall Street bigwigs and Russian swindlers....and screw the person struggling and working hard to get by, 'cause Donald needs gold plated toilets for his no doubt sickeningly flabby ass, and shit.


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A gremlin-like creature with a disturbing grin and big ears (Fidgit from the Great Mouse Detective was what came to mind at the time) reaching over the head of my bed and tracing out the lines on my hands with one of its claws.
That more and more, the wealthy and corporations are running the show in America, and fuck poor people, the working class and the environment; it's all about greed, and lining the pockets of a few Washington elites, well connected Wall Street bigwigs and Russian swindlers....and screw the person struggling and working hard to get by, 'cause Donald needs gold plated toilets for his no doubt sickeningly flabby ass, and shit.
So you're projecting your general fear of that scenario as something that wakes you up in the middle of the night in terror? Cute. You're more likely to be made obsolete by automation, which I think ought to be more terrifying to those not prepared for it.


Apart from my earlier post in this thread, I did once have a string of consecutive nightmares over the span of 2 weeks that all shared a semi consistent narrative. Involving some sort of demon/ghost girl stalking and attacking me while the world around me got progressively more and more decayed from nightmare to nightmare. The strange thing is how it all ended with the world going from being nothing more than a sandy wasteland to reverting to normal only to have a massive flood hit leaving me stranded in the top floors of a hospital with a man I don't recognise and a fully alive non ghost version of the same girl. And all I remember from that point on is she pulled me aside and said "the most important thing for you to remember is this. Spallation" Then I woke up and never had a single dream about her or any of that ever again.

Also while I wouldn't call it scary the most disturbing nightmare I ever had involved me going up the elevator of an office building with a metal bat and stopping floor by floor to beat people to death in extremely graphic ways. This kinda freaked me out because I'am not at all a violent person so it was extremely jarring and unsettling once I woke up.
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I usually know when I'm dreaming. So when something scary happens, like when my cousin pulled a pale corpse out of the water and it started chasing me, I calmly kill myself in order to escape, or just let it happen. Monsters and ghosts never scare me in my dreams, and I usually run toward them, not away from them.

But there was one dream that made me scream mummy and cry.
Fucking Parasites.
There was a parasitic worm behind my eyeball and I had to pull it out. The feeling was so freaking realistic and I could feel it sliding out. That coupled with my phobia of something living under my skin made me panic.

That was the most horrifying and unpleasant dream I've had. Even worse than that one time I had to strangle and kill a monster that took shape of my mother with my bare hands.

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Had of fear of mirrors and darkness. One nightmare I had was in an unlit haunted house that just so happened to have mirrors and poltergeists that wanted me dead!


i'm not scared of things like blood and gore monsters or death my worst nightmare and one that stuck with me for a while and even made me rush into a relationship was this

it was my 80th birthday i wake up to a cold empty house there's no cards and my phone has texts from what little friends i have left alive saying they wont be seeing me today citing family reasons can't remember much after that i think its just my day i go to the grocery store and try to make conversation but no ones really interested

any way at the end of the day and its time for bed but i notice empty pill bottles on the bedside table

my actual real fear is dying alone but for me its different than usual because i actually don't have any family i just have two living family members and that's it so dying alone really plays on my mind a lot i never had a family and really hope to gain one someday
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Dreams where I fall from a great height are pretty fucking scary.


My scariest nightmare was a world full of furries everywhere doing stuff that furries do. :p


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Haven't been on in a while, but thought I'd come back here and talk about one that I remembered a while ago, I can't believe I'd forgotten it. This one isn't "scary" so much as atmospheric.

In the dream it was like I was watching an old video recording. I remember seeing a time stamp on the video, but I can't remember the specific date, I think it was the 1990s. I remember someone narrating over the footage saying that the building was an auditorium at a university, very similar to the old buildings at my school. Then the camera started getting into focus and steadied itself, and I could clearly see what looked like the silhouette of someone, strapped to a chair, levitating within the burning building. I could also hear some unnerving distorted moaning in the background, which the person narrating noted. He’d said that there was some sort of play going on at the time the fire started. Footage of the levitating figure continued to loop with the moaning looping as well, all the while the narrator continued to talk about the incident that was taking place.

I just remember how vivid and disturbing the dark figure was against the burning building. I’m not sure if there was any screaming in the background, but looking back…I think there was. The whole thing was like something out of the game Outlast.

This one actually might take the cake for scariest nightmare I've had. It was just so atmospheric, with the old footage, the realistic fire, especially the moaning, I remember it specifically sticking in my mind for weeks.


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alright...after my experience i am a firm believer that dreams/nightmares have a definite connection and meaning relating to the real world.

when i got into my dream field of work i was, at first, greatly happy...but that soon turned to intense depression and suicidal tendencies. I was treated like trash by everyone in that worked there, was surrounded by drama and two-faced people, a misogynistic doctor, horrible horrible pet owners, and a lady that takes the first place award for flat out bitch...overall it was horrible and i was stuck in this position in life where i felt like i was a piece of trash and basically hated my life...
WELL, during this time i had a reoccurring nightmare about zombies...im afraid of zombies and they were in my dreams every night for months...i was scared to go to sleep because it would involve zombies...i ended up seeing my therapist, quitting that job and those nightmares stopped...
Turns out that dreams involving zombies tend to mean you are dead inside and to those around you, you feel intense stress and helplessness...at least according to dream moods


Hmmm, I'm still currently taking anti-depressant medication, and whilst I'm on the lowest of doses (and weaning myself from it slowly), it can cause some pretty intense dreams. Not so much scary (well, not often), but wierd as f**k and always really vivid ~ I've woken up from a few wondering, "wow, did that happen?"


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I just remembered this one. It sounds common, but it was really scary to me. I woke up in my dream, and my whole family got killed by zombies, so I had to avoid getting eaten. Oh, and let's not forget the two part dream of me getting followed by a demonic shadow and reoccurring dreams of ME MISSING THE BUS!!!


I was stuck in a room that was full of people in masks, there were no doors but there were windows. I looked through these windows to see rooms like this one lined up on walls infinitely with kids looking out the windows. I realized I was dreaming but I couldn't wake up. I thought I was dead.


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I tend to be a very lucid dreamer - very vivid dreams where I'm aware of the passage of time, my place in them and I tend to remember what happened after. Something bad happens? I usually just shrug and keep going, or shift mental subjects. Only down side is that the spacial awareness leads to really long nights.

The worst nightmare I've had? Summarizing it greatly: when one aspect of myself conflicted with another, resulting in a manifested hostility that not only rattled me upon waking, but transitioned into several more nights (because I remembered all of it...and it apparently held on).

Second to that would probably be a nightmare when I was MUCH younger after watching the movie Phantasm. One of only three movies that has ever scared me. Watching it was worse than the nightmare, though.


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I rarely remember nightmares, but I do know I had one after I saw IT as a, what, 13 year old? scary movie and my nightmare was basically Pennywise chasing me around. Still dislike clowns to this day


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I rarely remember nightmares, but I do know I had one after I saw IT as a, what, 13 year old? scary movie and my nightmare was basically Pennywise chasing me around. Still dislike clowns to this day
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I rarely remember nightmares, but I do know I had one after I saw IT as a, what, 13 year old? scary movie and my nightmare was basically Pennywise chasing me around. Still dislike clowns to this day
Can't wait for the IT remake!


A couple of years ago I used to have recurring dreams of a real life situation where I almost drowned.


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Worst nightmare I've ever had? Easily, one tops the list.

So, me and my then fiancee (now ex) living in my first apartment. I fell asleep, and had some random dream. Then, I woke up, but something felt off. I walked out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. Got a glass of water, but when I turned around there was a ghostly, floating woman dressed in a ragged black dress just....there, about 10 feet away. I immediately knew what this being was, it was a banshee. I also knew that there was no weapon I had in the house, let alone close at hand, I could use to fight this being. I realized I was going to die, and so was my fiancee, and there was nothing I could do against this. I didn't know until that night I could scream like that, in sheer terror. It swooped forward VERY quickly, and made an ear-wrenching noise right in my face. Black. I woke up, and fell off the bed. I was so shaken by realizing I could have just died, I couldn't go back to sleep. I grabbed one of my knives (though I still knew it couldn't do anything) and patrolled the apartment for an hour and a half.

Through this I learned what I am absolutely terrified of: not being prepared, and not being able to fight back in any way.