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What's the story behind your name?


Delusional Idealist
I've been going by 'Ink' in most places for a very long time, I believe it started when I made a Roblox account when I was like....I have no idea, it's been so long, maybe 10? The idea just came from enjoying art and using way too much of my family's printer ink. I really liked printing out my digital drawings back then, but I don't do that anymore because the quality that our color printer produces is terrible. And, well, I rarely draw things that I feel the need to make prints of anyway. Back on topic, though, my fursona is based on me but I do not see her as myself. To me, she's just one of my characters, maybe even a mascot. So I'm Ink, and she's Inkling. Since this is a furry forum, I used Inkling - my fursona's name - for my username instead of my own alias.
And for the record, you guys can call me Ink or Inkling. I don't mind either way!

Portia's #1 Fan

Portia's #1 Fan!
I'm a fan of Portia Porcupine from the Get Along Gang. The avatar is a character from my Get Along Gang fan fiction. She's based on myself.


So back in my MW2 days, I wanted to have a swaggarific clan name. Something with a K or maybe a Z because those are kool letterz to use to sound like a REALLY kool person (obviously). I spent weeks trying to develop some sort of awesome clan tag and finally thought of Kazo. It was an easy transition into Kazolas because of my slight interest in Lord of the Rings at the time (Legolas).
Kazolas was born that day and here I am. I just have people call me 'Kaz' though.


I liked warcraft, I sucked because I picked one of the most complicated classes in the game the druid, pair that with sucking (I was playing on a vanilla private server, I was the ultimate troll to all the competitive players there), My name originated from WoW, I AM THE WARCRAFT SPELL DRAGON!

As for my fur name, it's because Moonfire is an acid fanged dragon, I AM ALSO The fanged warrior!

Also originally moonfire was also a lycan so the name made more sense. I probably wont bring that back, probably. A white dragon that spews acid AND fire and she is ALSO a lycan! My god I am such a special snowflake! :V


Lord of Chaos
Long ago I was planning the creation of a dragonesque spirit-god character to spiritually associate my artistic personality with. Originally it was more of a Kirby fan-character. It has since evolved into its own and completely different existence. My goal was to devise a name that would sound majestic, reptilian, and unique. 'Hyzoran' (Pronounced 'Hī-zō-rahn, as in High-zo-ron) I guess I succeeded in the unique department because I have not seen it used by anyone else to this date.

Pictured currently in my avatar is Hyzoran himself.

Augmented Husky

Mind currently uploaded
Hmm, that is an excellent question.

I suppose it was about a year ago I had gotten tired of the ambiguous internet names I gave myself for the sake of only to have a name I can remember and still be acceptable as new by adding a number. So this was just after I had built and configured my first gaming computer all on my own so to give things a fresh start I decided to give some more serious thought into this name. Well I had always admired wise and inventive men and women throughout history as well as my own wonderful parents so I had made a commitment about the age of 15 to advance myself further by reading more and heading to wisdom when I can be it in academics, new science or social skills. It was this paired with my unquenchable thirst for advancing and learning made me fascinated at cybernetics and A.I in science fiction along with what technology we already have. One concept I especially liked was one day the possibility science could replace entire limbs of the body and even more scary doing away with the body entirely by uploading the mind itself into nanobots to be effectively immortal and ​super intelligent.

And so the title became simple yet elegant. Augmented_Teen. All that was left to do then was to give a furry angle to the name and add my sona picture as you see it now.

I have yet to actually write a detailed paper on what my sona is like yet ,but I am sure it will come to me in due time.


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When I was first joining the furry fandom and creating an account on a furry MUCK, I needed to come up with a furry persona and a name. I picked a panther because I thought they were sleek, sexy, and mysterious, and for the name just thought of what kind of noises cats make, those being purrrrrrr and hissssss. Thus rrrrra hsssssa popped into my head and Rassah was born (I added a silent h). Luckily for me the name ended up being extremely unique in the world, where for a long time no one anywhere online had it (I think there are three other people on the planet who's real name is Rassah). And so, Rassah has stuck with me for decades. I even go by Rassah in my professional business and entrepreneur circles.
I was eating a bag of Cheetos, then BAM! Brainstorm for a fursona! I go doodle out what she's like and so I named her after the food I was eating. lol


Man, it's a dumb nickname I've had since I was 11 or 12, haha.

Before that nickname rolled around, I was super into Balto. So I went by "Wolfdog", a name that my friends complained was hard to turn into a cute nickname. At some point, it got permutated into "Wolfrug", which was a short leap to "Ruggy" and I was forever Ruggy thereafter. I liked it, though; I thought it was cute. I still do, so I keep it.


Hamburger time.
A combination of playing Final Fantasy V and X-2 and watching Full Metal Alchemist. That's the gist of it.


The Curious Wolf
For a long time I've gone as "lotmoshr". When I first came up with it, I loved it, but recently I've grown to hate it. Very few people can pronounce it, people are always bugging me about where it came from, and it is also a reminder of my dark wannabe-emo phase when I was fourteen. I'm trying to change it but everyone who knows me online already knows me as "lotmoshr" and have for years, so it's difficult to get past that.
Anyways, I've recently been searching for the perfect new name. To me, rubix cubes are kind of the perfect symbol for my personality. I don't really know how to explain why... and the fact that I don't know how to explain why is one of the reasons why.
Initially, I was going to just go as "Rubix." That sounded a little too masculine for my liking, though, so I tapped on a "ia" to the end and boom-Rubixia was born.


Aderpable Fluffbutt
My name for my fursona (she is currently in the works and you will all get to meet her soon!!).
My IRL name is Mia, so I loved the nice ring it had to it. I started using it in my World of Warcrack days and it just stuck :3
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the worst
Nope. Two letters have to trade places, then you have my name phonetically correct, but misspelled.
I realized after making that post that myron doesn't have a b byron doesnt have be an m ._.
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I thought it was punny. And, hey, I like rodents.

Dude if your avatar went any deeper into Uncanny Valley it'd bump into Deepsea Challenger.

Hateful Bitch

Hang up your coat
At one point I ironically changed my name, and I don't want to change it back. It was the mindset of "I'm cool but don't touch me because I hate myself, isn't my complicated self image endearing and mysterious".

edit: oh shit I thought this was like, GENERAL general discussion. Is this about fursonas? I take this back lmao.
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Dragon Master
I picked this Japanese name for myself a while back because 1) I liked how it sounded. 2) it means "quiet"/"serene"/"peaceful" and I consider all of those words to be my main outward personality traits. 3) I like and admire the character whom I first learned the name from: Shizuka Hio from Vampire Knight the manga. She is very beautiful, and also powerful, quiet, vengeful, and deeply emotional under a visual guise of peaceful serenity. Also she kills Zero's family and makes his life miserable buahahahaha. 4) I like the katakana and the kanji (the kanji for Shizuka Hio's name) for it.

My internet best friend and I both watched Yu-Gi-Oh! the Abridged series together and adored the characters Yami Yugi and Seto Kaiba. We then watched Yu-Gi-Oh! Season Zero around the same time and continued to adore Yami Yugi. We then both read the entire manga and were completely obsessed with Yami Yugi and his entire backstory as a Pharaoh. We're both into literate roleplay, and are very roleplayer-ish people, so she started calling herself "Pharaoh" to pretend to be like Pharaoh Atem, and I began calling myself "Priestess Shizuka" to be her priestess and her #1 loyal supporter, like Priest Seto!
Even after that phase faded a little, we both kept our new nicknames because they matched our personalities and our roles in our friendship and roleplay group of friends. For me personally, it matches the way I consider myself not a "main character" but one whose purpose in life is to serve, protect, guide and be there for my best friend or friends in life. I am the Priestess who serves the king, Pharaoh, queen, princess, or emperor as his or her most loyal and trusted protector. I will be the first to step up and slay that person's enemies, duel all challengers into submission, and execute all the highest tasks for the Pharaoh's will upon his or her subject.
It also has extremely accurate spiritual meaning to me. I am a deeply religious person, and consider myself a Priestess of my deity. Not only do I preach and teach all about my deity and religion to all who seek answers from me, I also have the spiritual power to exorcize demons as a demon slayer. :D
Is the uncanny valley in the ocean? I always pictured it in the Swiss Alps, with a deformed Julie Andrews dancing around in it.
Also, that's harsh.

It was, I apologize.

I'd still shit myself if I ran into him in the dark, though