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What's the Story Behind your Username?


On FA when I made my account I was originally going to choose my MERP character name, but it was taken.
I then sat there trying to come up with something and I went down to the verify your account code and thought how it looked cool. So I swapped out two letters in it and that's how "Xaroin" came to be.


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My username predates my existance in and knowledge of the furry fandom.

It's a very furry-esque name, but before furries I was very...well...furry.

Wolves have always been a fascination and love in my life. Before that when I was very young it was dogs. Dogs. Dogs. Dogs. I loved canids of all kinds when I was a kid, I was obsessed. How do you choose a favorite type of dog when each and every breed is wonderful and amazing? In the end, you go for the original canid, the canid where our modern domestic dog branched off from to become the love of our life, the original and largest canid to exist: the wolf.

I loved wolves as a kid, always have. All my usernames when I was growing up on the net involved "Wolf_____" of some sort. It started with "Wolfpup", but as I grew older sounded really childish so I tried out other ones like Wolfang or Wolfheart. (I was Lupa the She wolf or Shewolf at some point, too) I finally settled on my extant deviantart username account, WolfNight.

Night, in the end, has a little meaning to it. To me night is calming, relaxing, alluring. Night and darkness is soothing unlike the harshness of daylight. Some of my best memories were at night; going on family trips at a festival at night, sitting out alone by a pond at night listening to music, in my loneliness pining for romantic affection, sitting on the roof of my house upset about the loss of an object of mine and the trouble I got with someone I cared about, looking up at the stars. Night is a beautiful thing.

Well, that's that. I also always padded my usernames with extra characters to keep it unique to me (A number of wolfnight's probably exist) I used to do the old skool edgy xxwolffangxx or something like that. Now its just a random string of four characters I can easily remember because their specific to me V (my first initial) 4(favorite number), X (A tribute to my old usernamely ways), 1(number one is a good number)

I went by a few other usernames, namely triplehybrid (a tribute to wolf-avian-human hybrid, since I was a fan of the maximum ride seried and fictional hybrids), and nowadays I go by Vallium (A silly extension and fictional make of my name)


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I've been using the handle since joining DeviantART barely a decade ago, when I was heavily into Warhammer 40k. 'Chapter' came from the monastic organizations of the Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines), and 'Aquila' came from the double-headed Imperial Eagle. 92 denotes the last two digits of my birth year.

It happened to coincide that my abbreviated handle, CA92, also denotes my Canadian nationality.

Bear in mind though that it is not the name of my fursona. I use my real name for that.
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Eh... not much of a story.

My username here is the same on FA which is my fursona.
well Havok is the name of my fursona and hes a african painted dog but also part ethiopian wolf so yeah im a very creative person.


That one guy.
"Impulse" was used to describe one of my basic traits around people in real life and online. It's stuck with me for less than a decade, though also primarily because I don't know what else to call myself.

I used to like the idea of being called the same online name across all sites/game platforms, but now, I'm uncertain if I always want to be called "Impulse". But again, I don't know any other name that fits me as well.


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Mine is mostly simple, I got into a lot of Dragonlance series of books written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. There's a character named, "Raistlin Majere" and basically me and some friends played D&D back in the day. Well I was trying to think of a name for my mage I created and I really like Rasitlin in those books. Well I didn't want to flat out use his name otherwise my friends would have thought me being super lazy. So I changed out the and add some letter in Raistlin name and Wristan was born(in a sense). Basically I removed the first A, the L, and I and I added a W and A before the N. That's it in a nutshell. I really suck with coming up with names and my friends still thought it was lazy at the time, but it's become my username since. Though recently I've also been using Broderick as a secondary, which also was a name for my cat folk pistolero in a Pathfinder game we played.

Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
My name, Kellan Meig'h comes from an ancestry search. Found this name while searching my paternal grandfather's side of the family. Some 1880 census taker mangled my paternal family name and the folks next door, too. He wrote out their name M e i g h, using his bad penmanship. The little tail you're supposed to put on the top bubble of the lower case 'g' was gigantic, looking more like an apostrophe. The head of the house was Killian but it was mangled by the census taker into Kellan. The next census had the "May" family still living on the same land with correctly spelled names, by the way. They were Irish/Scots so they probably pronounced their names "Mee" and the census taker took grand grammatical liberties to spell it out. The May family were probably illiterate itinerant farmers.


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I used to roleplay all the time, especially back when WolfQuest was a thing. Pretty much everyone's character names were just random names that sounded cool, but Sombry was one of my first characters and one of my favorites, so his name has just sort of become my username for a lot of things


Well....my user/nick name was created when i was making another account in Quake Live, when i thought about that weird "combo" i got now("Wolf" - because i like wolves that's should be obvious, but "Snipe" part its more from my IRL nickname Sniper as i'm called in the neighborhood without "r"). It sound weird at first but when after some time playing under that alias i've noticed there's literally no-one with same nick which was(and still is) damm amazing ^^


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I used to roleplay all the time, especially back when WolfQuest was a thing. Pretty much everyone's character names were just random names that sounded cool, but Sombry was one of my first characters and one of my favorites, so his name has just sort of become my username for a lot of things
WolfQuest! Man, that brings me back.


Okay, so...

Pixel Vixen was a hypothetical pseudonym that I would potentially use if I were to ever become a professional illustrator/graphic designer ~ my real name isn't illustrator-y so I thought I'd be all edgy and cool and shit, thinking "yeah, this'll look effing great on my business stationary" XD I was even designing a logo for it and everything XD

So I just stuck with it as a username for this site. I wasn't entirely clear on the whole username/actual fursona name concept, but since Pixel would represent me *as a hypothetical illustrator*, it might as well be my Vixen 'sonas name XD

I have another 'Sona, Mai the Celtic Fairy Cat, who I identify as on Fur Affinity. Again, I wasn't entirely clear on the username versus actual character name, so I went with YAMA NEKO as my FA username *mountain cat* XD Plus, I didn't really have my characters totally sorted when I signed up to these sites, so...it's all a bit confusing. I had to just come up with usernames that I would remember XD

I'd say Pixel is my main character, to avoid confusion, but I just wanted a way to represent Mai as well :) Plus, you can't change your username on FA without starting your account all over, and I'd already posted art and made some fur friends and stuff XD
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I think this is the third time I've responded to a thread like this, but fuck it.

My username is just my initials. I kind of want to change it to something more fun, but apparently we can't do this on FAF... :(
Yeah, totally sucks :( I just came up with usernames that I could remember thinking I could change them at a later date. Turns out you have to create an entirely new account just for the sake of a name change :S
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Kit H. Ruppell

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My fursona's name is Kit Heinrich Ruppell. Simple.


A hyperactive computer lovin' nerd.
I wanted a "computery" name so I used "MegaByte" for everything. (I'm Such an original person.)
I then wanted some name that was distinguishable and uncommon from other computer related names so...
"GigaBit" Was born!
I sometimes go by GigaBitFloppyDisk. (I find this amusing, since a 3.5 inch floppy disk can only transfer around 500 Kbits/sec)