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What's the stpuidist thing you've ever done when drunk?


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The stupidest thing I did was attempt to set a milkshake down on a table...on a 45 degree angle. I couldn't figure out why it would friggen tip over when I sat it down. My best friend at the time, who was more sober then I was, was able to complete the incredible task of setting the drink down on the table properly.

The stupidest thing I did while high, was have a third helping of magic brownies because all the pizza was gone. None of my friends were watching and they didn't know. I was tripping so hard that all night I constantly felt I was going to roll off the floor and land on the floor. It was my first time high, and I've never been that stoned since.

It did help me come to a decision about breaking up with my x-gf though. Funny how you dreamwalk when you're high ;)


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Several accounts, because I'm a drunk.

Kissed a friend. Woke up next to an ex, naked, after a drunken night. Played Xmen with my buds and rode on my friends back up and down the streets as he screamed he was the Juggernaut. Tried to take off a girls belt that she was wearing, and I had a huge crush on her, and she yelled at me. Uhm. Gotten almost completely naked and ran around a water tower with some friends. Kept calling a girl named Miranda "Michelle" all night, no matter how many times I was corrected (I think eventually she gave up)...

And probably a lot more I can't remember right now, because I tend to do just that -- forget.


i was but then i enjoyed it...
haha indeed :3

I think i fought my friend thats ALOT stronger than me and i almost got my ass kicked.

then we kissed later and hes NOT gay.


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I blocked off a street using traffic cones and barriers from a near by road work. Then a nice police officer made me put them back.

When I walk up stairs drunk and they make a creeking noise because I step on them too hard I keep telling it to ssshhhh.

With some of my friends at Uni, after hours of drinking games back at the flat we decided to go bowling completely pissed out of our heads, it took us three hours to finish one game, after that the staff asked us to leave.

I could keep going, I always do stupid, insane and dangerous things when drunk. It's lucky I don't get drunk all the time.


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Before getting drunk, I made a pizza piled really high with toppings on "make your own pizza and karaoke night" at the Expat Club in Diego Garcia. (That was every Tuesday night for at least the two years I was there.) After getting drunk, I attempted to eat it all. I wanted to try karaoke after a valiant attempt to defeat my pizza, but I couldn't figure out why no one could understand me. I didn't realize I was having a hard time speaking because I was still nibbling on the pizza.

I never made a pizza that tall again.


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Well I actually do awesome things when drunk. Like get in a fight with the school wigger, AND WON!
I vomited on my mother, and yelled "I'm not drunk!" at her. Well now I'm laughing at it! ...but it wasn't funny before...


Told a friend something private I shouldn't have, and she makes me regret I told her every once in a while...


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Nothing, I have a high tolerance, so my body burns through the alcohol too fast.


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Hmm, I can't think of anything. Which is odd, because I drink a lot.

I guess either I'm just one of those sensible people, or I just don't remember. :p


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got smashed with some friends after one of my conventions, and we all just repeatedly had tagged what ever tail was lifted, and lifted ours quite often. It was a wonderfully exausting.


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I got hammered at one of my colleges club snowboarding trips and I proceeded to mistake a closet for a bathroom. Fuckers were right beside each other so I unloaded my full bladder into the closet.

People that watched me do it were like "dude you just pissed in a closet" and I was like "no I didn't" then someone else said "yea you did" and I was just like "okay" lol. Doesn't take that much to convince me apparently.


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Most stupidest...
I almost told my non-furry friends that I am gay furry. But my guardian angel stopped me before it was too late.


Only been drunk once, and ended up play-wrestling with a real cute guy down a hill. Broke one of my fingers though, and no sex or anything cool like that happened T__T


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I would have to say making snow angels, in February, in my boxers, in my front yard. Good times.....


Too many accounts to remember them all. "Polar-bear dipping" was always fun (a Canadian New Years Day tradition); the resulting hangover was not.

And Century Club at Oktoberfest in Kitchner/Waterloo, class of 87, 88, 89, 90......still waiting for the statue of limitations to to run out on that year so I can go back. Drink enough beer and even I can Polka.


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Let's see... The stupidest thing I've ever done while drunk was the first time I got drunk. I was over at my sister's house for a party(can't remember what it was for), and we all got wasted. Me and Alex(her boyfriend at the time) were having a contest on who looked better in what. Now, I'm not really sure how it came to it(I think it was my sister's doing), but someone introduced the idea of how much better we would look then eachother in women's clothing. So, we had a contest, and, the next thing I knew, we were having a "fashon show" with me and alex being the models, dressing up in my sister's clothing. It went on until around 3:30 AM when I eventually apssed out from too much Smirnoff. I did win, though.


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He got sent to jail. (Since I knew who it was, I wasn't that slammed.)

On another note. I havent done anything stupid while drunk because I dont get that messed up, however my, i think straight, friend tried to seduce me into his bed for a good 10 minutes while I quietly laughed... only before I had to pick him up off his stairs while he shouted, "IM SO BISEXUAL RIGHT NOW"
xD That is hilarious.


From what I can remember, I believe the stupidest was jumping in a pool while stumbling drunk and naked. Now the naked part isn't the concern, the stumbling drunk part was as the sudden suspension of my weight upset my stomach. That was a while ago. Before that, when I was younger, I once flipped everything humanely possible in a friend's house of mine. It became a running joke for a while.

Now when I drink, I confine myself to socializing.


So I was at a party, all of us were skating... I think... And anyways, I drove my buddies van full with 14 people 40 miles south of where we lived, to a football field..... ( I wasn't drunk yet ) and another car followed us. We ended up breaking into a for sale house and passing out there.....

We never got caught, but I still don't remember how we broke in....