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What's the weirdest genre of music that you're into?


Your Friendly Neighborhood Dino Therapist
I like "outsider music"---sometimes ironically, sometimes unironically, and often, some combination of both.

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Magepunk Fashionisto
Carnival music, like merry go round calliope and fairground organs

Music from obscure cartoons, games, and theme parks


German polka

Irish folk music, both real and fantasy

Country music from fantasy worlds

Daft Punk remixes, especially if they involve Tesla coils

And here's a new genre I didn't even know about until I went to powwow last year... drum circle covers of popular kids songs XD I shit you not, I found a CD with the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song played by Native Americans, in a Native American style.

In case you don't believe me:
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Birb Fanatic
I mostly stick to hard rock/metal but will occasionally listen to vaporwave and lo-fi beats.
Well, considering there are much more avant-garde genres out there, they’re honestly not that weird.
Oh yeah, and I like just one song by 100 gecs, which probably takes the cake.


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Harsh noise. Just straight up noise.

Warning, it's very loud and screechy and very relaxing to me.

The whole genre makes Death metal & Grindcore look like pop punk, His other album was made to scare death/grind fans. Awesome for to get revenge on bad neighbours if your speakers can handle it at 100db. lol


The Empress has Returned
Wi☦☾h H0VSE, for sure. Easily the weirdest but the most fun to make out of all the genres I listen to


Enjoyer of small shiny things. she/her

Some breakcore shit like this.
This album is SOOOOO good. I love when other people like it.
Harsh noise. Just straight up noise.

Warning, it's very loud and screechy and very relaxing to me.
When I first listened to noise music it gave me so much anxiety but now it's really nice. It's like an extreme form of listening to an album, not liking it the first time, and then listening to it again and suddenly liking it.

I listen to a good amount of Hyperpop, I love all the artists that are part of Dog Show Records (I strongly recommend Food House and Folie!).

Not sure what this counts as. But it's good.


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Here is the most out stuff I know.
Modern/Contemporary is the best genre label that they can give these guys...

But personally I am oddly into THRASH GRASS

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
Indian classical music isn't necessarily "weird", but probably exotic enough to most people here to count:
I've been learning to play sitar since May, and my guru has said I'm good enough now to start teaching others, if anyone is interested


Chaotic Neutral Wreckage
Anything by Jack Stauber probably.