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What's the worst thing that happened to you 'sona?


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It's just as it says on the tin. In life, sometimes you have to face profound ups and downs. The good parts of life are always accented by the suffering we experience and how we deal with or overcome it. So, to appreciate the good things that happen to your fursonas, what's the worst thing that has happened to your fursona? Feel free to have philosophical discussion about this topic in between sharing your fursona's effed up traumas!

Primal the Lycanroc

Maxwell the Fennec
Ah, well, for Ollie, things have had their ups and downs. It's definitely no walk in the park when making things like these, especially the finalization process.

So for Ollie, he started as a fox at first, then a number of different species, ranging from bats, mice, fennecs, cats, and raccoons.

The thing is, there were many different forms that I've put Ollie in, which alone could be far more than just mere switcharoos, but identity crisis on an elevated scale. The amount of species that were used were obscene, even for me, and the fact that it was done in such short time frames made it even worse. The fact was that I always eas indecisive, so picking just "one" main to stick with was the greatest challenge of all. So in an effort to fill that void with species that were my favorites, I went and turned Ollie into a variety of different critters, almost totaling well over twenty different types of creatures, with the addition of Pokemon making that well over fifty.

After the identity crisis was over, there were also times where I had to change his name.....a lot. Ollie wasn't the first, and many more confusing and long names came before him, which only added to the stresses of who he really was.

Then finally, the personality. This is bad enough to give any character split personality disorder, and it almost would've done just that had I not stopped. Trying to find the right personality for him was time consuming, and tedious, as well as hair-pulling in it's general severity.

Finally, after all that time, and all that effort, I resulted in Ollie being a green otter with one yellow and one silver eye, as well as silver hair. He's got a personality of his own, and has his own interests and likes, which eventually shaped him into the sona he is today.

Granted, there were many hoops to jump through, and many more to triumph, but once it was done, then the nightmare of shaping Ollie was over, and I'm sure he's more than relieved at that.


Lost half his arm from the elbow in war and watched his best friend die in front of him.

Jackpot Raccuki

Fucking Racon
I suppose for the record it’s best to state that;
Jackpot is an evil character mostly based of the deadly sin Greed. The person who did this to him was a pure good “Paladin” Knight, I put paladin in speech marks as he left the order due to conflicts of his love interest who was an evil god but now a more neutral one.

Got put into a state of being on the edge of death, but was prevented from dying (mostly since he’d come back stronger.) and was promptly shortened of souls leaving him in a soul starved state that made it difficult to use his powers.

Thats the closest to being dead he’ll get, what’s mostly traumatising is he had no one to save him. His pact members could not be communicated with in his soul starved state, his “ally” Eric Envy mostly became too jealous that he got the attention and left him. (Envy unreliable rescue ally, but good teammate for attacks.)
He was the equilivant of being left for dead.

He got saved by my maned wolf character, mostly to get an easy favour.
But they both made a powerful ally.
(Although off topic, the maned wolf used said favour to get immortality for his friends.)

Either way now he keeps souls in a lot of places to prevent a possible soul starved event in the future.


Stubborn Caracal
Tyll'a has been through a lot. But if you ask him, the worst would probably be the time his adopted son fell into the clutches of slavers. (Yes, even worse than when he fell into the clutches of slavers!)


Chaotic Neutral Wreckage
I'm not sure yet, the story is still in development. Though I'm sure various bad things could happen...I've debated the loss of a limb in the far future. Perhaps loss of sight. Something that impacts her life greatly, I think, is what I'm going for. Something that changes the way she interacts with the world forever, and not just temporarily. Currently she's essentially a soul trapped in a string of data and used as a defensive weapon for humans to fight against other humans. That said, whether these souls were artificially made or taken from elsewhere has yet to be revealed. Either way it's pretty sucky. :p


The Lurking Hooman
I guess literally dying has to be somewhere up there on the "Worst things to happen ever" list.


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Was forced to do some horrible war crime while subjugating a planet. Also turned to narcissism and very mild drinking. He has Vincent now, he's been a lot better ever since.

the sleepiest kitty

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An abusive childhood that left her with crippling C-PTSD for the longest time. She's doing well nowadays.


So long, good luck, goodbye.
Hasn't happened yet, but is planned. Him lapsing into pretty severe depression and my sort-of-psychic unicorn Hayley fairly literally going into his head to figure out what's wrong. It's not pleasant for either of them.

Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix
The worst thing so far was, (part of an ongoing rp series thing with friends..) getting the crystal in his forehead forcefully removed, which not only damaged him physically and spiritually, but enough to almost kill him, and cripple him into recovery for a looong time. Kinda like thanos ripping the stone from visions head but living through it as a living creature not a robot.. but also worse.


Defender of the Sacred Nuggs
Story in progress but for my alt, Kaiten, it amounts to a number of things. Emotional and Pyschological trauma. Torture resulting in non-complicated PTSD. Physical harm from the moderate to the extreme. Self-harm. He has had a very rough life and is very much a broken soul.


Fun loving kitty cat
The downside of immortality...watched many loved ones grow old and pass on while he remains the same, the same pattern over and over and over again.

Miles Marsalis

The Last DJ.
Eh, in the backstory for my Don Volpe character, his wife died of illness, which was kind of a typical noir backstory looking back at it. It's probably too late to rework it for the RP now.

Miles Marsalis

The Last DJ.
Marius was fired from his dream job as the apprentice of a master sushi chef because he at all the fish himself.

(And that was slightly worse than nearly getting torn in half by two black holes, but he's felling MUCH better now.)
That is an easy pitfall.


The cat's mother.
Buck (my bunny sona) lost his warren because he wanted to live like a hare, out in the wild and in the solitary moonlight. But he's a rabbit; he needs the warmth of a burrow and cannot live like a hare (who lives above ground and alone.)

By the time he realised his mistake, he had travelled too far and couldn't find his home or his family.

On his travels he was attacked by a fox, and survived only by kicking it in the mouth. This startled the fox and Buck managed to escape, but now has a permanent limp in his left leg where the fox's teeth damaged his foot.

He mostly spends his time getting drunk and self-destructing. He's an embittered, crippled, awkward and disillusioned fellow.

Matt the Terrier

Swing the Mood! =3
Matt the Terrier spent about 4-5 months in the hands of an abusive owner somewhere in Northwest Indiana who left him malnourished, and phyiscal abused him, leaving a scar on his snoot. He later murdered his abusive owner by hanging him in his sleep, and then fled the scene. He was never caught, because the police never suspected that an alien that took the form of a feral Scottish Terrier would've been the murderer.

He came out a little worse for wear, but eventually was just as strong as he had been before, and eventually found a home with a kind owner in Mishawaka, Indiana.