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What's the worst thing that happened to you 'sona?


Birb Fanatic
She survived a horrible accident the night she hatched, in which the hospital her egg was kept in burned down.
And she has to live with the fact that her mother is directly supporting an evil emperor :(

Paws the Gryphon

*Technically* an Opinicus
Her creator (a djinn) was freed, but she was not, confined to her vessel for hundreds of years alone, that continues to this day, as she wasn't able to be freed along with said creator. (And no one really knows she even exists, a familiar feeling)

Miles Marsalis

The Last DJ.
Marius was fired from his dream job as the apprentice of a master sushi chef because he at all the fish himself.

(And that was slightly worse than nearly getting torn in half by two black holes, but he's felling MUCH better now.)
Also ... now I'm curious about your character dodged death by black hole.


When Maple was an itty bitty baby her mother didnt like her very much because of the way she was. (Her mother walked on four legs, like a normal cat, and Maple walked on two.)

Her mother pretty much gave up with her and tried throwing her into the river to get rid of her problem child.

Maple does not like water :)


Slippery When Wet
Mael's kind can only have offspring with others of her kind, and she has had several partners leave her because they were a different race and she could not produce heirs for them. It's been more of an ongoing thing for her. Akhlut are social creatures, and to be constantly rejected for something she can't control has worn on her over the years.