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Critique: What's wrong with this figure?


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I just wanted to get some feedback on a figure sketch before I start doing linework. I think it's pretty good but I feel like there's something off about it. Not sure if it's her front-most leg or what. Any thing that sticks out as strange or any constructive feedback would be appreciated.

Image is spoiler because, while there is no explicit nudity, pose is slightly suggestive.

wip 2.PNG


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<tilts head inquisitively> To me, the lower leg proportion is smaller than the upper one.
The thigh would be too small and that is why it looks "off". The legs are different sizes so symmetry is lost.


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There's supposed to be some foreshortening going on (which is a pain), but yeah, didn't realize the actual sizes were different.

How's this?

wip 2b.PNG


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Looks good, but the arm with the visible hand looks a bit short imo, as well as it looks too high up. I suggest making it slightly longer and moving the arm down a bit. Also, maybe consider making the hand slightly bigger?


What jumped to my eye is that the arms don’t really look like there is weight on them. Also there might be some perspective issues with the body. Did you use reference for the pose? They always help ^^
I did a quick drawover of what I think could help, feel free to ignore it if it isn’t what you’re looking for.


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Thanks for your replies! Yes, I did use a reference to draw from (I typically do, still not great at anatomy and poses). The pose I'm going for here is supposed to be more lounging or laying back than sitting up, with most of her weight on the back arm. I'll see if I can do something about how her arm looks after work today.


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This is what I came up with to try to fix her arm. I know her hand is pretty derpy but I'm more worried about general pose still.

wip 2c.PNG


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It's great to see that you're trying hard to improve that drawing and that you're adding muscles and so on :)

The issue I see is that the legs are not on the same perspective as the rest of the body. It's like they are looked from above except that the body not really is at the same angle. At the moment, in your drawing, it's like the legs are going through the ground.
I also liked better how you did the arm at our right before. It's not really common to bend your arm like that since your weight will be on that arm ;)

I used a free 3D program to create the pose on the left, thinking it would help you. But after second thoughts I decided to draw my version of your character pose, thinking it may help to see how you can proceed with the ribcage and hips parts. Please note that the bottom of the ribcage is where the elbows are when the arms are stretched (that tips can allow you to quickly check your proportions :) )

EDIT : also before I forget again, the arms in that kind of pose are partly hidden by the body, especially by the ribcage. In your drawing, you seemed to have tried to make them entirely visible, so it can be a good thing to think of (what is before what, what is hidden by what)



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Sorry for my delay in responding here. I got distracted with another piece, but thank you very much to everyone who took the time to respond and do a quick sketch for me. I think it's really helped proportions and anatomy click a little better for me, seeing someone else work from the same reference. I appreciate it greatly. :)


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I have forgotten about drawing this... lol
Thank you for taking the time to do that! This is also really helpful for understanding how things fit together on a body a little better. I also like that little glimpse into your process. :)