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Whats your absolute favorite genre of music, go.


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I like everything, so i can't really say to be honest. But if i had to choose EMD / Techno affiliated genres...and if i had to choose from them, it would be Hard-trance, simply because it has those wonderful long drones and noises you get from chill-out music and the hardcore up-front synth lines that make your blood rush like electricity!

But like i said, i like everything, if you went through my iTunes you would find everything from metal to reggae, from classical to happy hardcore from japanese pop to screamo...i like so much stuff

However, if you wanted to be really picky, i really really like hybrid genres such as
- Experimental minimalistic glitch tek ( only got one of those so far ^_^ )
- Classical music mixed in with techno, or rock or something

I just think they are genius

I also love chillout music, i got arabic, buddha, acid, and psy-chill cd's everywhere ^_^

For the stuff im not to keen on, then it would be Rap n RnB, i really don't like the tracsuit chavy gangster english culture. But i don't hate it all
- Sean Paul
- Some Snoop Dog stuff

Are among the things i like if it comes to Rap n RnB ^_^

Was that detailed enough for ya to get the thread movin'


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60's-70's-early 80's era rock.


I'm actually quite fond of singer-songwriter stuff with piano.


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Dubstep, Hardstyle, and a few of the pop singles that are out there floating around the radio.


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inb4 "anything except rap and country" :V

As for myself, I like mostly anything as long as the lyrics are meaningful and not over the top, but you'll most likely find me listening to alternative, punk, house or italo.

Even rap and country can be good, as long as the lyrics don't make your brain melt under the weight of their asininity (lol tupac).


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I'll have to say salsa.


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Anything goes, really.


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Eh, it's difficult, but most of my library is assorted metal music so I guess I'm going with that.


For contemporary music I'd say Rock and Heavy Metal. I'm also a fan of Classical and Folk music, though to be honest I'll listen to anything if I think it sounds good.


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Hip-Hop. Postmodern music that fallows an African interpretation of musical nature is way cool.


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any music is good with me but I fav Japanease music the best


I also wound up getting into visual kei recently. And I have a ton of industrial, so I guess that counts too?

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