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Whats your absolute favorite genre of music, go.

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This thread again?

Well, I'm a metal fan. I don't really go for all this sub-genre shit, but I'd say most of my favorite bands are thrash metal or proto-black metal from the 80's. Sodom from Germany is like my favorite band ever, followed by Slayer.


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Jesus christ don't be so god damn defensive. I was just giving my opinion. And I consider that one you posted more new age or something rather than soundscape. What I posted was a soundscape, did you listen to it? I thought you might like it ;_;

Sorry, I raged.

They're both soundscapes. :p


That is irrelevant

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Depends on the individual song. I can't just take a genre and listen to a bunch of random songs.
As a whole, I like everything but modern rap and country. There are exactly 2 exceptions to the dislike of country.

Now that I think about it, it depends on my mood more than anything else. One week I'll listen to techno, next classic, next metal.
Never really had a genre to go "lol dis iz best".


resident spaceship
My absolute favorite is stuff like this:


After that is chiptune, goth rock, pop, and instrumental shit in no particular order.


I don't really have an absolute favorite genre. It depends largely on how I'm feeling you know. Celtic punk comes close enough though. I also don't really hate or dislike any given genre or subgenre as a whole.


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Goth Rock? People have a dozen different definitions for what that might be. Care to elaborate?
power chords




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Eh, it's difficult, but most of my library is assorted metal music so I guess I'm going with that.

^I will have to go with the above answer here myself as well.


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I'm pretty much into everything the only genre's i'm not too into is gangsta rap that is derogitory and Screamo music that is just there to make noise, Otherwise I pretty much like everything! :3



If I had to pick a sub-genre, then I'd go with either death or thrash metal.