What's your all time favorite book?

Sir Thaikard

JPod by Douglas Coupland is fantastic. It might be a personal thing but I generally don't like Canadian writers so this was a nice change of pace.


The Arcane Sage
well, i liked Shielah of Earth, but i think, maybe Teesha of the ninth realm. Don't look for any deep meaning though, it was just a fun fantasy a person does not have to work at enjoying.


Chaotic Neutral Wreckage
Moribito by Nahoko Uehashi.
I can read that ten times over before getting bored.


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Oof that's a difficult one to decide.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Because it was the best one to read and it is the best one in the series.


Your Cantaloupine
I absolutely adore Fallen Kingdoms and the series by Morgan Rhodes


Femboy Pommie artist with a donut obsession
Just over a year ago, my roommate recommended me the book House of Leaves. He told me to not scan the book at all, or flip through the pages, just start reading on page one. I won't go into spoiler territory here, but oh boy this book was the wildest fictional rides I have ever took on in my life. The subtle dread and despair on each page was captivating, and got me dreaming of the house on Ash Tree Lane. I felt like another character in the story by the end of the read, and have never gotten that feeling before. Years down the road, I'll still be talking to my friends about this lonely house in the southeastern Virginia countryside, waiting to be entered again.
House of Leaves is such an amazing book. It's definitely one of my tops reads. I've always described it more as an experience than an actual book haha.
I would recommend reading The Call by Peadar 0 Guilin
It's a young adult novel but it has some intense scenes and it's one of the few horror based young adult novels that actually out performs works I've read for older audiences. I haven't read the second book yet but the first was killer.


Inside the simulation
I got to read the first few parts of Transmetropolitan on my free kindle subscription, a graphic novel series about a writer who returns to the city from hermitage to repay an old debt and gets into crazy adventures reporting on social issues and political corruption.
It's good stuff and I wanna get the whole set.