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What's your artistic guilty pleasure?


Ya know what I'm talking about, the things you just can't keep yourself from drawing and doodling all the time when you really should be productive, or alternatively as a consumer what you can't stop searching for, commission, or add to your favorite collection.

Apologies if this thread is somehow in the wrong place or if the title is misleading.

To start this thread of I'll start-

When I was younger I was drawing too many freaking wolves, I think that kind of crippled my artistic flexibility for a while lol.

Nowadays I'm having a hard time staying away from the Blur/Smudge function and going too wild with it when doing digital art in Paint Tool SAI.

Curious what other peeps are gonna write!


My would me too many sketch lines - know how some artists can get the right line with 2-3 strokes? It takes me a million and one.:D

Oh yeah, I definitely understand the feeling on that one, I used to ruin drawings doing that. >.<


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I usually draw spooky eyes and crooked noses when I'm idle (kinda common, I think... since some of my friends do the same XD)

When I was younger I liked to just draw a lot of black line with my pen, till the moment the paper would be so thin, one more streak would rip it. And I was drawing mice on my class papers and they would make a story if all of them where put together, but I began to draw them on my exam papers too and the teacher didn't like that so I stopped and the story never ended (I think they where in space, meeting a bunch of alien who were giant letters with a collective mind when I stopped :) )


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I seem to always draw figures facing leftish, rightish, or head on. Rarely draw a backside... more of a weakness than a pleasure.


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Until I was maybe like 15 I pretty much drew nothing but guns then moved on to vehicles which rendered me completely incapable of drawing animals, or anything organic for that matter, until early this year when I started experimenting with it. Sometimes I still can't help myself and end up drawing props and background objects far more detailed than I draw the characters


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I use that lasso tool way way way too much. I know it's better just to erase and redraw but I always find myself taking the short cut haha. Lazy for life.


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Doing pixel art, I have a habit of accidentally doing the whole image on one layer. "I should sketch out a thumbnail quickly and then do the proper lineart on top of it" ... "This is actually pretty good, I should be able to get away with refining these lines and then coloring it" ... "Perhaps I should add a few background items as well to make sure my composition is good" ... "I should add some quick shading to make sure I have all the forms correct" ... "I should also color these things in so I can easily differentiate between them" ... "Oops I just finished it"


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Overly gratuitous, sketchy close up expressions and derp squiggles. Also quarter turn portraits seems like my default.

Ladies. I draw ladies all the time. Not that I have trouble with masculine figures, ironically. I just tend more toward ladies and androgeny.

Kezi Avdiivka

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Most artist's I commission I usually RP with

is niiiiiiiiice


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Not sure if this counts but while inking or coloring digital stuff, i like to delete and redraw characters' mouths and make them talk by using the undo function or toggling layers on and off. i also like to grab a layer or two or three and make my characters dance or walk around like puppets.


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Big boobs and facing at a 3/4 angel and non human but non anthro characters
I really love to draw NSFW stuff , not nessicarily fetish work . I just really like to draw the ladies lol


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Jay Naylor... definitely my guilty pleasure... he does some amazing stuff, a lot of it is herm or he/she stuff, and while im so totally not into that stuff, I can typically overlook that with his work because its so good

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Doing a lot of bokeh or black & white photography. Or both at the same time.


What DOES my username mean...?
Taking a break
i certainly feel the guilt but not the pleasure. i wish i could just keep going but i always need frequent breaks. it wouldn't be so bad if i could get things rolling again but whenever i put my pen/stylus down, there's a high chance i'll get distracted by something else and forget to come back.


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My room is littered with pictures of fatfurs. Usually I tend to draw in a variation of Akira Toryama style, but most of my characters are also supposed to be tanky fighters who use fat as a means of defense. I wonder if I just like dense designs. A lot of my favorite characters have dense, meaty designs that are USUALLY fat but can just have really thick limbs. It might be the size-pressence I like about fatfurs and other bulky designs, but at the same time I feel like, if the details are toned down and a character's just round and spherical or muscular rather than blobbish fat, then they often have a playful, huggable appearance to them.

I do realize, however, that these are fantasy characters. I've been meaning to draw a picture of one of my characters clarifying this, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.


doing too many sketches and lack of bg, also rarely draw facing-forward. enjoy drawing anthros and girls, boys are difficult atm lol