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What's your desk like.


The often grumpy but friendly fox

It's a bit busy at the moment , I'm organized I swear =P


desk looks like a small bomb went off. scratch that...room looks like a small bomb went off. there's a clear path to the computer, so that's all that really matters lol.


I will deliver the explosion
Lets see. There's a wacky bouquet I made on one side, two Tron Legacy figures from Disney Infinity 3.0, some leftover lemon candy (oops!), my speakers, a couple aceos, a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento model, horse and wolf zuni fetishes, a hairstick, a BPAL perfume, and my little luck-and-success corner, which has some runes and a lucky cat. And when I'm drawing, my tablet.

Over my desk I have a hilarious banner I got from one of the stores here, with Darth Vader's head and the quote "you underestimate the power of Atlanta". I laugh every time I see it <3

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Hand. Cannot. Erase.


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Stand-up set-up FTW


Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
Now my X52 Pro feels cheap :s Although the excessive amount of hats/buttons is handy for Elite.
'Hog has more hats and buttons, but sadly less rotaries. Also needs pedals for Z axis :c
Still worth it for a sim pilot like me. It's amazing in every way!


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this is how it looks. ain't that a byoutiful desk?



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Now that... I like..


It lends a very different feel to playing games like FPSs. Since you're most often standing/running in the game, playing one while you're actually on your feet makes it feel more immersive.


Lets just say with my desk, only 10% of the physical wood you can see..


Mr. Villanous charm


Mr. Villanous charm


Mr. Villanous charm
It just happens to be there my friend for it is 100% legit I am no Nigerian prince
If we all were Nigerian princes we'd all be trying to scam each other 24/7. :p


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SSJ3 made me do it.


My coffee table. This is where I tend to do most of my FA staff duties, since sitting in the living room means I can have the TV playing for background noise. Also because my tiger (not actually a tiger!) is dumber than a sack of rocks and forgets to check his tray for food if I'm sitting in my room because I'm too far from the kitchen and APPARENTLY going to the other end of the house to check for food is more than his addled brains can always process. So: if I'm sitting in my bedroom, the cat will beg for food despite having food out, because he's too stupid to check.


My computer desk, where art happens. (You can just barely see my tablet tucked away on top of the WoW CE boxes.) When I'm actually working at it, there's usually a cat hanging out on top of the scanner, and often a tiger (again, not actually a tiger!) either behind or in front of the monitor. When in front of the monitor, we have a problem. :p

So basically I run a clutter mill. It's like a puppy mill but breeds clutter instead of puppies, which I'm pretty sure is less likely to piss off animal rights people. I ENVY YOU GUYS WHO MANAGE TO KEEP A TIDY WORKSPACE.


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What's that large USB spool for?