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What's your dream job?

Samandriel Morningstar

The Morningstar
Like the topic says,what's your dream job?
As for me,I'd love to run an animal sanctuary/adoption center.


Where'd the time go?
Successful fiction author and/or archaeologist/anthropologist-caver extraordinaire. :3


trapper/taxidermist/jewelry maker/cupcake truck operator/prop and costume maker... and sometimes writer/artist

i'm not good at this 'choose one' thing


Well Known Foxxo
Research Ecologist with some sort of affiliation to Zoology


The puns, they burn
Music production for films and movies. Maybe a side career in acting, or production for vocalists.


forrestry conservation. I know its i wierd choice but i love the woods, being outdoors and wildlife so it would suit me


More Metal Than You !!!
I'd love to actually be able to make a living as a touring musician


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I'd love to be a skilled programmer with a great knowledge of technology. It'd be great to work on big projects, or maybe even create something cool myself!


Galactic Overlord
Realistically, something involving computers, and fursuit dancing on the side. If things go well, full time fursuit dancing. Get fame, get riches, get bitches, retire happy.

Fictionally, ruler of a planet, monitoring resources, creating technological advancement continuously, and locating resources and taking them for myself. I would love to rule a cosmic empire. That would be my happy place for sure.


4 hands good 2 hands bad ;)
Working in an ape sanctuary, preferrebly out in their countries of origin helping with rerelease programs.

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I want to be paid to explore frontiers never before conceived by mankind.

Oh wait, I'm a theoretical physicist, so that's what I'm going to be doing. Yay!

Butters Shikkon

Patron Saint of Queers
A rock superstar, and fuck yes I'm gonna try to

Hell yeah, you got the persona for it!

I wanna be a hair stylist myself. Owning my own salon would really make me happy too.


The Cat in the FAF
I want to make video games. To make a game that people love and remember would be wonderful, or at least working for my favorite game companies would be nice.

Currently pursuing a computer science major and perhaps a software engineering minor for this reason. Programming isn't the most fun thing ever but learning how to do that seems like the best way to worm my way into the industry, or at the very least I'll hopefully be able to get a job working for some company helping to write code for their software. Also going to take a Japanese course or two and maybe do study abroad in Japan so I can get a handle on the language. I know of a Japanese company looking for foreign workers so I might have a shot.


Abstract Chimaera
A successful game developer, with this I could materialize my imagination that one could be part of it.

Although I'm self-taught and not in pursue of bachelor degree, I could be indie game developer and I have a working project in make. Programming can be hard, but when you done something usable in-game it is reward you with accomplishment feeling, on the other hand, designing is difficult as .


The Mad Katter
A master herbalist/nutritionist. Gonna be taking my practical herbalist course here soon.

I'm fascinated by all the indigenous North American wild plants/herbs all around us as well so I'd also like to educate people on wild herbs/edibles ect.

EDIT: I'm also fascinated by chinese herbalism and plants from around the world :p
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Deleted member 93706

A master herbalist/nutritionist. Gonna be taking my practical herbalist course here soon.

I'm fascinated by all the indigenous North American wild plants/herbs all around us as well so I'd also like to educate people on wild herbs/edibles ect.



Concept artist!!

I love, love love love, the idea of being a concept artist for either a video game company or a film company like Dreamworks or Disney.
To me, concept art is imagination in physical form. I love looking at and making paintings and pictures, but what really grabs my imagination is the *process.* The visual realization of what these great imaginary ideas are in people's heads. It's not supposed to be pretty or perfect, but it's supposed to bring these wonderful, well, concepts, to life. And I just love that.
"What if this character looked like *this.* Or; if this monster looked like *this.* Or; *this* is how I always imagined this setting would look like."
One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is to draw my own personal versions of characters, sets, or scenes from books as I see them in my head. I never have as much fun in my art as I do when I'm doing that :)


Librarian. Because they pay you for 8-hour tea party with cake


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Professional couch warmer. i'm working towards my master's in cushion-covering and pillow fluffing. Some day i might branch out into coffee tables but for i'd need another 4 years for that. With the economy as screwed up as it is, there's worry the sofa bubble could burst. The real money is in fluffy armchairs but i'm hoping to fill a niche market if and when that happens.