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What's your dream job?


Considering I prefer to have a somewhat good grip on reality, my dream job is paramedic.


Something with a good work/life balance, it's all well and good to want to maximise your income but will you actually have the time to enjoy that money if you're always working? It would have to treat me like a human being, not a piece of disposable trash with zero rights; as is increasingly becoming the case with today's employment market.

It would also have to be something of genuine use to society, not one of these bullshit jobs the world wouldn't miss if it disappeared tomorrow, something of intrinsic value to society that I could be proud I did. Something that wouldn't violate my ethics, it wouldn't be a dream job if I morally disagreed with it.

I'm not one of these people who feel the need to earn lots of money. I don't care about oversized houses, sports cars that can only legally go the speed of every other car on the road or brand cult-ure. I don't need a swimming pool, I don't need to eat at fancy restaurants, I don't need diamonds or 50"+ televisions. I'd be quite happy earning a modest living so long as it covered my needs with some recreational flexibility.


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Not entirely sure. On the one hand I want something big and influential where I can change things if there is a valid need.Preferably with a decent pay check to boot, i'd like to be able to not worry about money. But with that comes quite a workload and frankly I'd probably get tired of having to do work all the time. On the other hand I'd like something that I'd enjoy a great deal like in music or art. But I'd still have to find a way to get enough money for the few needs.

I suppose the best would something that in-between both? Decent money and workload and preferably something I enjoy.

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Personally, I'd like to really be a Voice Actor for anime .3. I already can do a ton of impersonations of characters and stuff, so.. I think I'd be good at it ><

I could actually do that too. Especially with Lord of the rings since i can do an exact and almost perfect impression of Gollum. Its seriously that close to the real thing...i should record it sometime.
Nah voice acting for games or anime would be awesome...i wonder if i could join an abridge?

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either a astrophysicist or a pilot but if all else fails im going into the airforce


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Fiction writer or high-powered consultant.


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Well, if being a pathologist paid as well as being a surgical doctor or physician, then I would go that route. I work in funeral service currently and love my work, but I think I'd prefer to be a medical examiner. That's as a professional career. Otherwise, I'd love to be able to put out a successful comic or animated series. Not concerned about monetary success really; just being able to reciprocate some of the influences and inspirations that animation and art has given me would be success enough.


I wish to become a teacher of various foreign languages, perhaps land some side jobs as translator.

It's not too ambitious, and it's what I love doing.


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Scientist (chemist or physicist)
But the best thing will be getting paid for doing nothing


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@OP: The hell kind of sentence placement is this?

As for dream job: A god.

2nd dream job: Immortal.

3rd dream job: Shapeshifter.

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I wish to become a teacher of various foreign languages, perhaps land some side jobs as translator.

It's not too ambitious, and it's what I love doing.

Get some useless Arts degree then teach overseas. I highly suggest places like Japan and China for insanely good pay and benefits.

Bonus if you complete a TEFL/ESL/TESOL course prior to it


Music Composer for video games, perhaps design my own too :3

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Currently biding my time to answer that question, but if I had to choose now, it would be a meteorologist, as growing up I was a weather geek who had and still has dozens of books, posters, magazines, VHS tapes, etc of anything about the atmosphere/oceans.


To take part in further tech startups where I essentially work from home. I'm technically already doing this but my job will come to an end at some point and then I will cry. :'(


Born in Space, endlessly exploring star-systems

Making music that can be put into triple a games and blockbuster movies.
Making a game that is super popular and has very high replay-ability even after the servers close.
Creating inventions that are years ahead of its time =D



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They were actually an important part to help kings make decisions on new laws in addition to their role as comedian


Ultimately i want to be a researcher for my university, specifically in renewable energy, or anything to mitigate or combat the changes we are having on the world.