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What's your dream job?


Your friendly neighborhood Executioner
To become a crazy prophet that tricks the entire Earth's population into believing all the Greek Gods are real. All hail Zeus! :p


Defective Wusky
I'd like to go back to school for neuropsychology and then teach in college! I want to help young adults develop healthy minds. The brain is the most important thing we have, we should all know a bit about how it works!


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I'd love to be a full time sculptor. Whether I'm modeling with sculpy or throwing pottery on a wheel, sculpting things creates a state of total Zen for me. I can't explain it, I just zone out into this place of peace and tranquility. If I could get payed to do that all day, I'd totally jump at the chance ^_^

Another dream job I've always wanted was to be a writer. But sadly between dyslexia and seizures when I was a kid, I never quite got a good grasp on writing.


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My dream job is to be a teacher, which I'm currently in Teacher's College for, but I'm doubting my choice right now... Everyone I talk to during the school visits said it will be grueling and unrewarding from above.

My true passion (that I don't think would be as stable) would be to work at an animation studio. Whether it's production assistant, keyframe artist, in-betweens, communications, PR, sound (VA, effects, mixing), or video editing all the shots together... I want to be part of the process to make children's cartoons or even anime.


Resident Bronze Dragon Kasrkin
Biochemical engineering, especially molecular genetics. Collaborative work in other emerging technologies like bionics and nanotechnology wouldn't hurt either, and getting noticed by NASA would be quite the cherry on top.


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Oh. Actual, achievable job? Then why call it a DREAM job?

Eh. The CEO of the biggest company on the planet. Or President of a large country. Can run the country however the fuck I want.


Okami The Wolf is my crazy half!
Currently biding my time to answer that question, but if I had to choose now, it would be a meteorologist, as growing up I was a weather geek who had and still has dozens of books, posters, magazines, VHS tapes, etc of anything about the atmosphere/oceans.
I say go for it. What other job is out there, where you can be wrong 75+% of the time & you get to keep your job?? (Other than politican)
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