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What's Your Earworm Of The Day?


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Before this game release this a was, stuck in my head. The river city girl ost is pretty good too (if you like synth-pop)
A lot other of their songs got stuck in my head too but this was the first one. (also own the CD to the ost so yeah its good sor4 too also had earworms.)
Curse these good games with good music.


I've had this one on constant rotation today. And wen I'm not clicking replay, it's playing in my head.


Stray Cat Terry

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This melody (especially the bass part underlying throughout) keeps emerging on me!

Honestly, I don't know what the lyrics is saying but that can be ignored as the soundtrack part itself sounds good to me UwU
(Ultimate thanks for lyric-less versions if available!)

About the game, it's kinda unique and all but I'm focusing more on soundtracks (particularly the anthro animal campaign and cyber mecha campaign ones). I can't lie to the fact that Japanese videogames(both industry and indie) have one of the catchiest soundtracks since the very 'primal' era of the videogaming history... xP

Ra'ara Su'nai

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This. Even though the lyrics are sad, the music is upbeat and catchy, and the tune falls nicely in my vocal range that I can belt it out without hurting my voice as long as I warm up a little



Im an immature fuck :D
I went to the my mom's house the other day (she's very festive), and now all I can think of are chestnuts roasting on an open fire..

"The Christmas Song"


for me an awesome Christmas songs medley. I have crawled through hundreds of YT vidz. This by far the best. Obviously build by an audio magician
I like the groove starting at 7:00 ….


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Resident Edgelord

I don't even know what genre her music is, but it slaps every time


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...fuck....fuck....wow. i'm a metalhead through and through, but this fucking song is god damn amazing. fuck me running, wow.


This song is just so damn silly and I love it
"Flying high into space to wield my

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