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What's your fav furry weapon?

Which weapon do you prefer?

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Mine isn't on there... a glaive.

Weapon in the list for secondary use, swords, preferably kodatchi

Cane McKeyton

Cane Christopher McKeyton
My characters rarely get into combat but if I had to choose a weapon...... hmmm, gun, preferably shotgun, SPAS-12.


Super Saiyan 5 Kaioken x ???
You forget furrys do not have fists they have claws !


I like to nuke ^^
SR/S - Sniper rifle + Sabots.
But I guess my all-time fave would be a gravity/portal gun combo. Open a portal on the outside of a skycraper (lets say almost at the top of the building), open a second portal on the ground, grab your victim with the gravity beam, and release him over the second portal ....... MUHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA };->


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Being an elemental bender able to control the four elements and more like time&space and also Light/holy and even control entropic energy to break down reality and comand the spiritual energy as well...why should i use a weapon? XD
Because you look so cool when you use a weapon that's why! XD
i use 4 kinds of weapons.

*Katars; a weapon that acts as an extension of your body mixing completely with your bare meelee abilites & fighting style. As well as doubles the Critical rate :3

*Chains; a middle/close range weapon useful for fighting more than one enemy at a time as it spins around for both projectle defense&offense. Like someone said previously, whips aren't effective to cause damage direct(although they are excelent torture weapons and can be used to disarm someone at a safe distance/strangle someone), so i use chains that are able to deal solid swing damage, using lightning bending along with it, sees that no smart guy will try to pull me from it.

*Books; Not too much effective as combat weapons, even they can be whacked against someone. But their true porpouse is to intensify supernatual abilites such as elemental bending, the many glyphs drawn inside their pages and sacred/magic texts adds a lot of supernatural abilities.

*Bow&Arrows; Long range weapon :3 And there's nothing more cool than manipulate the set, arrows made out of elements such as ice takes away the need for ammunition.

Vote goes for Bow&Arrow cause that's the only option there that looks like my choice, since fists option is for 'natural body weapons only' i go for bow.


My character doesn't use a weapon, but if I really have to choose, I'd pick sword, just because I find them pretty cool.


Understand It
Good old fashion open fist fighting is my weapon of chose. I mean long range is fine but I much rather fight with my own two hands. I think you get more of a rush when you hand to hand then when use a weapon. When you fight with your fist you can really feel your inner power launching from your body.


The Seeker of the Destiny
Good old fashion open fist fighting is my weapon of chose. I mean long range is fine but I much rather fight with my own two hands. I think you get more of a rush when you hand to hand then when use a weapon. When you fight with your fist you can really feel your inner power launching from your body.
and i can second that for my experience in actual combat (im not lying...karate combats are really hard...but i developed my own style thanks to all the techniques i learned XD) fists are the bests =P


Where's the Oh, there it is!
bow and arrow, perfect combination of stealth and range.

Any sniper rifle + SILENCER & Camouflage. heard of that before?

Rocket launchers. Halo players know probably most of all how terrifying Rocket Launchers can be with their High-Explosive rockets and deadly Splash Damage. these are also known for being able to take down the most terrifying and strongest of man-made weapons and machines that exist today.

Chain/Machine guns. There is no FPS gamer today who doesn't know what a chain/machine gun is. they exist in probably all shooter games if not the most, and they are most commonly known for their insane rate of fire and unbelievable destructive power, especially against living beings and other biological matter. Chain/Machine guns are the ideal weapon(s) for dealing with large crowds of enemies.

And as I said earlier, the Sniper Rifles. Oh, the Sniper Rifles are a legend - they are the only thing allowing infantry to actually reach far out and SMOKE somebody from a distance only the MUCH bigger guns can reach out to except for those long-barrel, very loud and amazingly strong rifles. Also, Sniper Rifles are mostly known to be carried only by the most skillful of warriors on modern battlefields. Definitely a weapon that surpasses any known type of bow ever made.

last but not least, knives. There is not a single person who doesn't know what a knife is. they are so common that every human has touched or seen one AT LEAST once in his life. They are not only sharp, they are also small and lightweight making it the ideal weapon in not only combat against vegetables, meat, Etc., but also against threats in your immediate vicinity such as thieves in your house or ambushing an enemy on the battlefield when a soldier runs out of ammo. They are also commonly known for being used by skillful warriors since in many cases you need to overcome one or more obstacle(s) in order to reach your enemy and stab him with a knife.
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Time Bandit

No-one suspects the butterfly!
Do not want me near a shotgun....lets just leave it at that....


The Monster Under Your Bed
another reason i like the bow is that, if i was put in a woodland environment, at night with equal advantages, and the guy with the gun had to use iron sites, i would win, a bow makes no noise, so i can theoretically make multiple shots without being found. he fires one shot and i know exactly where he is.

Milo Foxbrush

New Member
I would choose either a giant mallet or a giant paper fan. Putting those aside though, I would go with the very basics of claws, teeth and tail.