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What's your Favorite COLOR

Favorite color

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Puts the "fang" in "fangirl".
I like silver. Not grey. Silver. It has to be shiny.

I guess that counts as sparkles.

Lucy Bones

When I look to see the people that joined me in the "pink" group, I can't help but smile.


is the prettiest pony~
2 out of ten people who voted for black have "dark" in their name.

Great, now I feel like an emofag for voting black.

EDIT: One of them has 2 posts, and the other has zero.
I'm not sure whether to feel better or worse.
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Lucy Bones

Normally I would be parading around in pink clothes, but I still live with my parents. T^T


Well, actually, I think of the internet starting when the U.S. gov't section ARPA made the first e-mailing system. The british guy based his system off of that. They successfully got their first e-mails in the early '70's, although were designing it since the '50's, when the Sputnik was launched.

Yeah, the Americans invented the internet, the Brits/Europeans invented the web.


In Beta We Trust
Blue matches my computer case, mouse LED, keyboard LED, phone, current shirt, guitar strings, shoe laces, and sun glasses.

Am I weird?


You are tearing me apart Lisa!
lime green, though my penis preffers brown :V


Bike riding squirrel thing.
First of, that's how you spell color. damn brits.

Now what is y'all's favorite color. Mine is Sparkles.

Colour is also right, just because we are in two different countries does not make either one of us wrong. Two different countries, two different spellings, big woop.

I could argue that English originated from England so our spelling could be deemed the correct spelling :p