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What's your favorite little detail in a video game?


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What's your favorite little detail in a video game?


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GTA5. The life of the people.

In any other game, you shoot someone, they drop, others around them will scream and run, and after a while the body disappears as people walk around it. That's it.

In GTA5, you shoot someone, people panic. Then one runs and calls the cops. You hear the sirens as they approach, then the cops pull up and look at the body. Eventually an ambulance arrives and paramedics retrieve the body. If you follow the ambulance as it leaves, it drives to the hospital where they deliver the body inside.

DAMN that's the kind of immersion detail I love!!!

Honourable mention to Hitman 3 for the exact same reason...everyone acts intelligently and reasonably. Love it!!!


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The sounds of glass windows and beer bottles shattering in Half-life 2. I have a habit of smashing all the windows with my crowbar just to hear the tinkle tinkle sounds.


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i love little details in video games. like, the immersion they can add to a game is seriously something great. my favorite little detail in a video game (note: i have lots of them) is zooming in in animal crossing new horizons and watching the fish and bugs in the museum. they look so true to life, it makes me really want to see them in real life.

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In shooter games, I love the design of optics. I love scoped and holographic sight weapons, and I've seen some very creative designs and features when I zoom with the weapon. Some are practical like real life firearms, while others use a sci-fi approach that is visually stunning.


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Its going to be a little odd, and probably something may hate, but i always find voice action queue and priorities have some funny bugs, like in the assassans creed game my brother was playing you start to hear some npc talk, but then it goes to a cutsene cutting them off, but after the cutsene you hear the voice from the npc again

i thought it was funny

Also visual only bugs were a character looks very wrong but functions as they should


Recently a little detail I was like "wow, I love this" was in Cyberpunk 2077. There's guitar street performers, and if you sit and watch them they actually strum along acurrately with the music. Some are all by themselves, some have people around them who vibe to the music too. It seems like a very small detail, but plenty of games miss little details like that and it drives my OCD wild to have sounds and visuals not match up. It is oddly one of my favorite parts of the game, just finding a new street performer and chilling with them for a bit. Turns out, I like solo electric guitar more than I thought.
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A most recent one are the beggar signs in cyberpunk. Or some of the graffiti that seems out of place. Tiny gorilla.
A recent one I found is the developers having fun wifh an old glitch. In one area there was a regular problem with npcs running into a specific wall, full sprint. In a recent update, they added a graphic to the wall tha says "hit here" and has a blood mark where they run in to


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In shooter games, I love the design of optics. I love scoped and holographic sight weapons,
To continue this, the aiming down sights in Insurgency: Sandstorm. If you view down zoomed optics only the optics is zoomed in, everything else is still normal but blurred. So few games try to do that, but when they do it looks and feels awesome. In general this game is so detailed *0*

One game I played on the PS2, it was a Rally Racing game, if you ignored the Pace Notes from the Co-Driver, he would shout at you and bully the sh*t out of you. My personal favorite, right before you crash frontal in a wall he would sometimes shout: "DO YOU WANT TO KILL ME". Even a silly Racing game can have character with such little details, I like that.


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A most recent one are the beggar signs in cyberpunk. Or some of the graffiti that seems out of place. Tiny gorilla.
when you said graffiti that seems out of place my mind instantly went to the "grow healthy and strong, MINMO" cat food advert thing in silent hill lol


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once played a game where you had to go into hiding and your avatar appears on the milk cartons because you're missing.

it wasn't much but it was a detail that really made me feel like they tried.


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I don't remember the name of the game, but it's something where 2 players control a little spaceship that's moving around. One player controls the ships scanners- there's a red one and a blue one that you switch between. If you switch between them fast enough, the game plays a little "WEE-oo-WEE-oo" police siren noise. It does absolutely nothing, but I like that it's there.

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celtic music


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In the new Mass Effect Remasters, they updated the look of Pluto to match images taken by the New Horizon probe after the original games came out


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This is my weird thing I guess, but I LOVE the goofy little props people make in games. Like books on a shelf or snacks in a vending machine. One of my favorite parts in Doom Eternal was zooming in at the bags of chips and stuff in the ARK complex's little convenience store.


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That you can level your grip up in metal gear solid 2 by doing pull ups. For a game that came out when it did that is a small detail that really sticks out to me.