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What's your favorite music track?

Do you know what "Megalovania" is?

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I was gonna post another song from YouTube but apparently the European Union has started censoring their internet. Yay. But I found another copy of it.

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Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
I can't pick just one.


At the moment, I've been fixating over a Dream Theater song called Dance of Eternity, from the album Metropolis part 2. This song has caught my attention mainly because I plan to learn it on the drums sooner or later and just the simple fact that the time signatures change 108 times in the span of like less than 7 minutes


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Yep. Band Geek loud & proud! Symphonic band for 8yrs on Horn, with 4yrs of marching band playing Mellophone.
Best part of school for me!!

I played the trumpet. Symphonic band was the best haha. I won’t forget getting accepted into symphonic band. Was like a surreal feeling for me. Band was my only highlight in high school, and I miss those days.

As for the OP’s question. I’m going to go with.... it’s so hard to pick really. I like soundtracks and a lot of fanmade music.

Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron had a great soundtrack IMO, and is one of my favorites. I like Hans Zimmer. He has talent and captures the feel of movies real well.




Assuming I did that right, it should be To Hell And Back by Sabaton
Some other favourites by them include Primo Victoria, Attero Dominatus, Angels Calling, Panzerkampf, The Price of a Mile, Carolus Rex, Night Witches, and Resist and Bite.

Tl;dr, Listen to Sabaton


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I may or may not be hopelessly consumed by this song at the current time.


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