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I feel like Jacob's Ladder is more eerie than scary. Still a great and very disturbing film!
I live in my head too much, and I have experience in the past with family members who were trapped in theirs. So watching the terrified and confused protagonist's mind slowly unravel hit me harder than it may have hit most. That's probably why I find it so scary - the implications that come not with dying, but with slowly coming apart.

But woot, someone else has watched it! ^^


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You should fix your "title" with horror movie. Scary movies is not the same ^^

I don't watch horror movies because I find it a lot are pathetic, so stupid peoples and just not scary, just badly made.


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That's a pretty hard question for me.
As of right now, and this is probably a weird three way tie, but for me it's probably a toss up between the original Alien, the Conjuring 2, and recently Get Out.

Some honorable mentions include:
The Conjuring
It Follows
Cabin in the Woods
Silence of the Lambs
Green Room
The Haunting (1963)
The Others
The Thing
and Misery

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Mel Gibsons "Signs"

Because aliens staring at you from ontop of your roof is just......no


The Shining by Stanley Kubrick.
Alien by Ridley Scott. [best science fiction film too]
Predator by John McTiernan
The Thing by John Carpenter
The Fog by John Carpenter [john Carpenter is the man!]
The Howling by Joe Dante [best werewolf movie]
Misery by Rob Reiner
Jaws by Steven Spielberg [Fishehs!]
and of course, Tremors, my guilty pleasure movie :D


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The Church. For The Devil A Daughter. The Children Of The Corn Movies. The Pinhead Movies. The Silent Hill Movies. Alien Species Movies. Siren (2016). The Ring Movies. The Horns. Let The Right One In. The Fright Night Movies. Bram Stoker's Dracula. Jennifer's Body. Red Riding Hood( Live Action). The Ginger Snaps Movies. Frankenstein Movies. Dracula Movies. FrankenHooker Tamara.( I will post more).


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There's a new one on Netflix called The Ritual and it's really great. Spooky monsters in the woods is my fav.


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I adore Phsycho by Alfred Hitchcock. It's not 'scary' by most modern comparisons, but it's creepy and just overall a brilliant, groundbreaking film.
I also loved the new remake of 'IT', which was much creeper. My friend actually bruised my knuckle because she was holding my hand so hard in one scene! I need to watch the Scream movies, because I just finished binging the TV show (Bex Taylor-Klaus for the win!).


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John carpenters Vampires
Silence of the Lambs

I’m sure there’s more but I don’t horror movie as much as I did in my teen years. No good for my paranoia.


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Well my favorite movies that are considered horror films are: (Horror films never really particularly scare me)

The Shining

The Conjuring

A Quiet Place


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I dig horror movies with a good story and art direction. All the unnecessary gore, cheap jumpscares and blank characters, eh, not for me.

That's why I love James Wan's work! Especially the Conjuring, Insidious and Annabelle sagas. The colors are always wonderful, you actually empathize with the protagonists, and boy the jumpscares are delightful.

I also watched The Boy last year, which had a nice twist.

All of these are horror movies I enjoyed watching. But there's one film that was powerful, had a magnificent direction, and whom I'll never watch again, and it's The Entity. The physical violence is only induced, but the psychological one will be printed in your head for good. There are rape scenes (not graphic, but difficult to stand) so don't watch it with kids or sensitive ones nearby. It's really something I recommend watching once for the amateurs of the genre.


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Creep (2004 film) - Wikipedia

Creep... It's my guilty pleasure. (2004)

I used to live in London and I love rats, so it's so full of fun stuff and nostalgia for the likes of me. I actually find it weirdly comforting.


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People keep saying that it wasn’t ACTUALLY scary, but I thought it was extremely so. Then again, I’m frightened easily. It also mixes science and the paranormal, which I thought was kind of cool.