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What's your favorite smell?

Samandriel Morningstar

The Morningstar
Pretty self explanatory.
You can do more then one obviously.
I'll start.

-Cut Grass
-Cherry wood
-Damp leaves
-Damp soil
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Nemnth Ferheart Dragon
I don't have the greatest sense of smell, due to an accident where I hit myself in the nose with elastic exercise equipment when I was around 10, but I would have to say baking chocolate chip cookies~


Hmm, interesting question.

-I wanna say Peppermint (or any mint for that matter), absolute favorite.
-Cinnamon and Nutmeg
-Fresh Bread
-Weirdly enough, Gas (from cars)
-Hell, most food when i'm slightly hungry.

I also like a lot of candle smells, like sugar cookie (mom used to use them all the time). Not as big of a fan of incense as I used to be, because of how overbearing they are. I also know that it's bad, but I find slight comfort in tobacco smell, growing up with most of my family members being smokers.

BAH! Now you make me wanna buy candles. XD


Um. I can only remember a few.

- Chocolate chip cookies or brownies coming straight outta the oven (duh)
- That Apple scented soap kids use
- Yogurt (even tho I hate eating it.)
- Cinnamon
- Vanilla Soap
- Just plain ol Pantene conditioner lol
- Oh and campfires. Or burning firewood. Reminds me of summer. <3
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I love the smell of mornings. It always reminds me of camp

I also enjoy the smell of heat. It's funny how a temperature can have it's own smell