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What's your favorite Windows?

Favorite Windows?

  • 10

    Votes: 23 22.3%
  • 8

    Votes: 6 5.8%
  • 7

    Votes: 47 45.6%
  • Vista

    Votes: 2 1.9%
  • Other

    Votes: 20 19.4%
  • I don't use Windows

    Votes: 5 4.9%

  • Total voters


What's your favorite Windows? Vista, 7, 8, 10, etc?

I would say I really like Windows 10 mainly because of the speed and just the little things (being able to scroll while not on a window, the home menu not being fullscreen, the list goes on!) But before I got a Windows 10 computer, Windows 8 was my favorite mainly because it's more simple and just there. It wasn't really fancy, but I do think it's a good starter for people who're just getting a computer.

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I can live with Windows 10 just fine after some third party software, and if I want to play "all" the new things I'd need Windows 10, but 7 shines strong as "The" Windows to me. The transition between 7 and 10 is really how I don't feel like it's my computer the same way anymore, and how certain things are just dumbed down to a point where it becomes bothersome, mostly with the UI and submenus and how you navigate, 8 was guilty of this too however. Then there's this whole thing about always wanting to track everything, enable help tools and being up your ass about everything, something windows 7 never really quite did to you. There's many things I don't really want nor agree with when it comes to windows 10, but it's tolerable and I will not hate on it as I can still go on with my life and use the computer fairly the same as I used to after some tweaking.

Let's not forget windows XP either, think a lot of people here started their proper nerding out on computers on an XP machine, especially since internet and social media booming when most people were rocking those machines.


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XP upgraded from a 98 was my go-to for years. They combined well. These days I have to stick with 7. I've looked at 10, but not even the allure of Minecraft Bedrock can tempt me into that boxy hell. (And when my husband upgraded to it there were constant problems, glitches, and general instability until I wiped it and put 7 back on it.) I'm just glad Microsoft claims it will be the last OS they ever release.

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Win 7 Pro is my fav so far but I might be seduced over to the Win 10 dark side. Just set an HP up for a friend, it's not bad. WinXP and Win 3.11 get some honorable mentions from me. I ran a Dell Latitude D510 laptop for 14 years on WinXP Pro at my last job. Did that without a single reload/reformat due to my boss losing my Dell restore disks right out of the gate. Been retired for a week now, the dOOds in my shop have probably killed it since I had to give them the password for it when I left.

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It depends: user interface wise, security wise, or least likely to have a built in NSA backdoor wise? (Hi NSA guy! <3 you! Join the fandom! Don't tell the others all the weird kinds of porn listed in your database that connects with my name! Please! Thanks! <3)

I have used all sorts of OSs, including Windows, Mac OSX, and a wide variety Linux distros. I use them all for different things and like them for different reasons. I don't really have a favorite, overall, OS so I can't really answer; but I do have favorite OSs when it comes to specific use cases or features.

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Windows Server 2016


I demand you add server lineup to the list >:U


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I've got a Windows 10 and it's okay, but I'm certainly a Windows 7 fan, mostly out of being used to its interface and nostalgia. For that reason, I changed all my sound effects to Windows 7 ones, including the startup.

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Polygenic DID System. Life is wild.


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I personally really like Windows XP. Because vista was horrible and in order to upgrade to Windows 7 you have to do a clean install. Or you have to upgrade to vista and then upgrade to 7. I also like it because of the Bliss wallpaper and the Blue theme.


Windows XP, though probably partially nostalgia-biased.
Out of the newer ones, I feel like 7 is the best, though I haven't used it a lot. Windows 10 was a headache on my laptop, which it was shipped with, and I actually ended up switching it to 8.1 (I wanted to switch it to 7 or XP but couldn't get that to work unfortunately). I wouldn't say 8/8.1 is my favourite but at least it has been more stable than 10.

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Windows 7.

Windows 10 is okay, but I was forced to update since I don't want to be stuck with something that'll have no updates and I'll get a bunch of viruses... Although I did know for a fact Windows 8 was going to be a failure, thank god it died horribly before they did anything to force us onto it.


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I miss XP, though now use 7 (at home) and 10 (at work), depending....I think 7 is better, all in all: less cluttered feeling.


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Hands down Windows XP :'D
Though I've adjusted to Windows 10 nicely on my computer.

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I liked windows 10 more because of how I am an avid gamer so I chose it because of how you can put Xbox on your screen and play but I loved windows seven and XP because of how nostalgic it is


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I actually really like Windows 10. Windows 7 was nice as well.
My first PC had Windows XP. Looking back I don't know why I enjoyed using it :D

Also, can we talk about the Windows search feature and how they keep making it worse?!
For example, when you start writing the names of some apps they appear as results. But when you write the full name of the app it disappears from the results? WTH!
A good example is the Character Map tool. In German it is called "Zeichentabelle".
On Windows 7, when I type "Zeichentabell" I get the Character Map as a result. When I add the "e" at the end it disappears...


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Windows XP for sure X'D


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For interface and aesthetics, Windows 98. It was also one of the first OSes that I used on various computers in my younger years. For modern usability it has to be Windows 7, which is what I voted for. When Windows 7 goes off life support, I'll be going back to using Debian. Windows 8 and Windows 10 are not worth the use.
XP is also a very familiar and comfortable environment.

Currently using Windows 7 Home Premium with Classic Shell. It's comfortable enough.

I've got a Windows 10 and it's okay, but I'm certainly a Windows 7 fan, mostly out of being used to its interface and nostalgia. For that reason, I changed all my sound effects to Windows 7 ones, including the startup.
It's interesting to know there are 'Net users out there who consider Windows 7 to be nostalgic. At what age or time period in your life did you start using it to make such a strong impression, if you don't mind my asking? One nostalgic memory of mine involving Windows 7 was thinking poorly of my laptop running XP when Windows 7 was being released. Those Aero windows really caught my eye. :')

Casey Fluffbat

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XP, for nostalgia reasons.

And because it looks like a text emoticon.


I've used 7 and currently use 10. To be honest, I much prefer 10 over 7 but something about 7 makes me want the Aero Glass Theme on 10.


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Windows 98 SE, baby.
The end of the DOS era.

I still use windows 98 themes on my modern computers, though they don't work exactly the way they used to.


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My fondest memories are of Windows 2000, but I'm probably looking back at that with rose colored glasses. I just remember how much better it was than Windows 98 at pretty much everything.

One of my PCs is still running 7 and I'm going to cling to it for as long as possible. Support is ending soon though....
Windows 10 is bearable once you install some third party software--most notably something that gives you a Start menu--remove all the garbage that clutters things up, like Cortana, and switch off all their built-in spyware.