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What's Your Haul?

So, it's Christmas! What'd everyone get?

I'll start it off:

-Wacom Intuos 6x8
-Gig of RAM for my MacBook Pro
-New Rubik's Cube (gleeeee!)
-Enough cash from relatives to buy a Kahler tremolo bar

/Second-best XPmas ever!
//Best was last year because of guitar


Xipoid said:
I received a total of:

1) Nothing

I think I can beat that. I had to give back €20 to my brother. I totally forgot that I owed him money. Sucks. =/

Sooo, christmas: - €20. Yay.
But we don't celebrate it in the traditional way, anyways, so that's not a big surprise or anything. =)

I got some other stuff, yes, but I finally got what I was asking for for like, 3 yrs now.

Digicam with all the digicam stuffs
and a Sewing Machine with caring case


Sylvine said:
I think I can beat that. I had to give back €20 to my brother. I totally forgot that I owed him money. Sucks. =/

Sooo, christmas: - €20. Yay.
But we don't celebrate it in the traditional way, anyways, so that's not a big surprise or anything. =)


lol that sucks. I also gave some stuff, too. Hopefully, it made some people happy, else I failed at gift giving.


Pants suck.
*Gives Xipoid a big hug* Don't say I never gave ya' anything. ;)

I got about three mentionable things.

1. Cardstock, 110 lb. I needed some.

2. A carnivorous plant atrium with seeds. Yay! growing my own killer plants from seeds!

3. A bronze colored buddha holding a blue electrified orb. I love the buddha man!
-Eragon Book(My second copy. I'll keep it becouse thought was put into the gift)
-A T-shirt with "Protect your Nuts" written on it, with a Squirrel guarding some nuts. Also a keeper.
- Two outfits. Good, I need cloths. I'm in rags.
-An iPod. The though was nice, but I don't realy have a use for it.:roll:
-a Calendar of dragons. My most favorite gift. My sister went through and wrote all the birthdays and familiy celebrations in it for me. So I'll remember. The thought and time put into this makes it the best thing I could have gotten.:mrgreen:
-Cash. Good as Money!


fox with too many worries
drwho first season
clothes(which i need)
not much but i got what i wanted ...although its not what you het its the thought that counts so i must have been really good this year...
I got a skirt, a shirt, some pants, a bracelet, $125.00, and a card that says "IOU a Nintendo Wii <3 Mom" O__o;;;

Lobo Roo

turtles natures suction cups
Cash - $370
Gift Cards - $130
Timberland Boots
Nutcracker (I collect)
Dragonology Calendar
Socks n undies
Olive and cilantro salsa
Zits Comic Book
Snack food and more olives
Other things I probably don't remember atm.

Good lot this year:

-new snowboard
-new bindings for ^
-Logitech "Flightforce"
-Purdey's Gift Pack
-New clock radio, this one can play CDS as the alarm
-$100 Giftcard at Game Workshop
-$50 Giftcard at Chapters
-63 piece drummel kit
-3 pairs BLACK SOCKS!!! Joy!

Yeah... not too bad at all.


Oil Paints;

And enough cash for a Graphire 6x8! WhooO!


-Wok set (I cook lots)
-Tires for my car
-A couple anime zines
-a GIANT margarita glass
-daiquiri/Margarita mix
and a few other odds & ends

I'm happy. ^.^


A friend of mine gave me some soapstone, and heavy leather. I got enough $ to upgrade my wardrobe, nice considering I wear the same pair of work pants. Every. Day. Even on days when I'm not working. I also got a nice bottle of Macallan 12yr scotch. I also got something "sloth related that hasn't arrived in the mail yet." Also got some anthropomorphic sea cucumbers. And a new tattoo machine.

I gave a bottle of Absinthe (doubs), a few gifts of Teonánacatl, shisha of various flavors, delicious "cream colon" among things and a plethora of gift cards for that extra kick to the taint that says, "I don't have to know what you like to love you, so buy your own damn gifts ya jerk."


- Martini shaker w/ receipes for other mixed drinks on it.
- $10 gift card for wine & spirits
- a 22 oz. beer glass (more like a jug :))
- Snack tables
- DVD Rack
- A 12" skillet
- Two glass baking dishes
- Various cooking and baking supplies
- Shop Vac
- Money for mortage payment and to put towards past-due taxes I owe.

My missing Farscape DVDs FTW! I also got the better half her missing Star Trek DVDs; Paramount finally released the animated series, featuring M'Ress, probably the first serious furry anthropomorphic on television!
In other news, I also got:
2 blood red silk shirt and tie combos, from separate people. o_O
An Ernst glass pen
A ridiculously large book of Sudoku puzzles :D
A Stirrings Spiced Apple Martini cocktail mixer and rimmer set. (Definitely unexpected. Yum!)
A crapload of Barnes & Noble gift cards. Good thing, too, I'm dying to get some great books on my list.
A professional multi-use trimmer with all attachments. Yay, now I can horribly disfigure my own hair! :D
We also got one of those Christmas lottery cards. We're going to split the $2.00 that we won. o_O
lezz see...

cheap box of knives (return)
The Enclycopedia of Heavy Metal
black hoodie with dragon and skulls, 3/3 in my book
8" chef knife
100 cd binder
black shirts
black/red rheindeer boxers
"master chef" funny shirt
case of the sniffles
enough family interaction to last me till April

Bout what I expected really, bot the holidays for me is sitting around overeating and listening to my shady looking uncle tel stories. good times.


The Real Wheels of Steel
Some jeans.
Some sweaters.
A black Nintendo DS + 1 game

Some Japanese Saturn games, direct from Japan:
-Darius II
-Chase HQ
and the Virtua Fighter CG Portrait series V3