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What's your internal monologue like?


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The aphantasia thread got me curious about what it's like in everyone's heads.

Do you have an internal monologue?

Is it constant or sporadic?

Does it take the form of full sentences or little fragments?

Does it have a voice?

Does it change depending on the situation?

Mine usually only shows up as a proper monologue when I'm trying to organize my thoughts about something specific, otherwise I just think in occasional phrases and images. I also can't really "hear" it as a distinct voice unless I try to on purpose.

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I imagine it's like my own voice, but sounds more rehearsed (and snarky). Sometimes it comes out when I'm alone.


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I have a highly technical job so I tend to have a very active internal monolog while I'm working. I'm constantly recalling alot of information from memory, recalling highlights and important info that pertains to current task and I tend to read it off in my head in what I imagine my own voice sounds like. My mind tends to work like a roladex when I'm in work mode so its very quick.
Also iv been told that when I'm really really focus I will start to sporadically vocalize my thoughts while I'm performing a task. People have told me it sounded like I was training someone to do my job.
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Mine is sporadic. It's "my" voice, but as we all know what we sound like in our head and what we hear when we're recorded is different.
I usually hear it spell out when I'm reading or typing, and sometimes I talk to myself in my head, or sometimes out loud. But it's usually just me talking to myself. If it was someone else in there, I haven't noticed it. Either they've been too quiet, or they sound just like me so I can't tell :D

Most of the time I'm too busy visualizing things rather than voicing them.

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It is always active. Sometimes, I am singing songs in my head, or "listening to music". I rarely have a monologue, most of the time it's just random thoughts, songs, imaging things, thinking about what I'm doing to do in a bit, etc.


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Mine never shuts up, I guess to make up for how little I usually talk.

It's in full sentences. Sometimes it's phrased as though I were speaking to someone else, sometimes it's more like I'm talking to myself. I don't really know if it has a voice or not. I guess I can imagine as having one, but it usually doesn't.
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Always always going and going. Sometimes words, sometimes images, sometimes music, sometimes feelings, sonetimes just colors, but always something. Shut up!


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I have debates with myself about things I'm doing or have done. Alot of the time I'm repeating lyrics in my head or running through previous conversations. Oh and making myself laugh with a good joke here and there.

I try not to laugh out loud in public though :)


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Ever seen The Wonder Years? It's like that, but for the 1990s. Except it's the 2010 and I'm horrified about what happened back then.

I got "The Talk" the same day Kevin Arnold did on 22 March 1988 (which was 1968 on the show) and it was as horrifying as you think it was. My much (5 years) older brother thought it was hilarious. I don't think I "got it" until I was in my adult teens (1997-98) and Internet porn filled me in. My best friend had a Penthouse with Linda Tripp which we... um... enjoyed... along with my other friend's grandfather's copy of "The Joy of Sex." Giggity, for 1996...

Now I'm in my 40s, Daniel Stern narrates my childhood, and my relationship with my parents is weird because in the 2010s they encourage me to write dirty stories and sell the on Amazon.

Imagine the curly haired burglar from Home Alone telling you that the clerk at the corner grocery near the shipyard in Jeffersonville, Indiana sold me Heavy Metal and National Lampoon Magazines in the 1990s when we came in for Mountain Dew and jerky before going to my friend's house and playing role-playing games. If you can imagine that, you had a pretty cool childhood. Good for you.

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I recall only a few, guess my brain is rejecting my another self's memory from me. What I can recall now is that my voice singing out the lyrics of some musics, seldomly. And those musics can be originally with lyrics, but mostly those are originally without lyrics (BGMs and OSTs)


I like my inner narrator voice better than my real one. Also, I think more than I speak. So much so that it can feel disconcerting when I finally do talk. My inner monologue includes full narration, bad puns, and more repetition than I'd care to admit.


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rare, but nearly constant when i'm alone. my monologue/conscience is split up into like 3 or 4 different me's that are always talking to eachother and asking/answering each other questions, with different emotions/viewpoints for everything i'm thinking about. not like, audible voices, but it does often lead to me commentating my life to myself or having one sided conversations with nobody if there's no one around. i originally intended to word this in a way where it didn't sound like i was batshit crazy, but it's kind of hard, lol.


I have pretty constant internal conversations with myself and sometimes multiple of me. It can get confusing, but at least we keep each other company. :v If I'm keeping my brain busy they don't usually get in the way, it's when I have quiet time that my mind turns into a forum.


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For the most part it's always pretty active, be it commentating on something going on or just organizing what I want to say or something along those lines. In terms of an 'auditory' voice it's usually my own but I sometimes like to switch it up
and adopt the beautifully unforgettable voice and speech pattern of one, David Attenborough.

Part from that song lyrics are another fav. For some reason, a lot of show tunes like the Sailor Moon theme song or the Tiny Toons Adventure one.

After that, I'm usually thinking in a very visual manner as that is primarily how I come up with ideas for art or animations. Mostly just vague shapes nothing concrete until I explore it on paper/computer.


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I myself don't have an internal monologue and was quite surprised when I first heard that others had verbal thought processes. I myself only have a constant flow of inner pictures which I observe and analyse. It feels like watching hundreds of different films simultaneously which all corelate with each other to for thoughts and feelings. It's also quite hard for me to explain or communicate these to others, since most things that are easily grasped in a metaphorical or abstract way don't translate well in a linear mediem like speach.


Sometimes I have no monologue. I have occasional moments where I feel like I'm in a movie and I'm observing my life as though watching through someone else's eyes with musical cues to signify important moments. When I get in a loop with bad music I feel like I'm in a horror movie or sad drama.

I can only talk in monologue to myself when I'm walking. Usually when I feel sad I can only hear my own voice.

Very rarely and on a good day, my imagination explodes. I can feel my mind opening up and it's like there are no boundaries and my thoughts are fantastical, like a waking lucid dream. I talk to and see things in my mind's eye so clearly that the real world pales into insignificance. Before I started taking antipsychotics these periods of fantasy were more frequent and vivid. I have even had real visual and auditory hallucinations which are much more intense. Unfortunately, this was literal madness and as I said I now take medication to keep my feet on the ground, metaphorically speaking.


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You ever read the Zootopia fanfic "Giggles and Company" on AO3? (You should, it's hilarious!) My internal monologues are very similar to Reese Cadogan's.


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My internals are more like sentence fragments with lots of emotion or thought pushing them along.


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My internals are more like sentence fragments with lots of emotion or thought pushing them along.

I forgot this thread was about monologues and I was really struggling to understand this sentence.

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Most of the time I just have songs stuck in my head, generally ones I enjoy. Other times I make up imaginary arguments that I try to win.