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Whats your Job Title/what do you do?



retail worker at hallmark while I go to college right now and I curate artwork at my city's local gallery as well.


Feed Me Pizza
General Merchandise Stocker, and I'm partially trained in both electronics and misc processing.


GTWT Survivor
I'm an assistant network admin and a research assistant. In the one job I put out network fires, and in the other I play with magnets.


Your friendly neighborhood Executioner
I work as a high officer and I manage the work for Emperor Palpatine's 2nd Death Star and lead the 501st into battle. Make sure you don't do anything that would call for a Force Choke. :p


Still trying to draw, slowly
I would love to work in literally anything, but I'm an immigrant, so if I get into work, I lose benefits as a minor. So I have to wait until I'm 18. It's kinda jarring when you wanna buy a fursuit but you can't because you can't earn money. I'm a student that's starting into photography and Journalism.


Still trying to draw, slowly
I'm looking into a summer job, but for now, I'm going to a school where I can learn more on programming. My dream job is to be a Game Developer/Designer.

Good luck in that. I know that it's a seriously hard profession to pursue.


Fuzzy drawing dragon!
Freelance Digital Artist.

I sell art on FA for the most part. o . o;

Before I worked as a digital artist for Hero Interactive making flash game art. ( you can see what I did here! )
After the company fell apart, there were no jobs for me here. I would need to move but my husband has a stable job as a graphic designer.


Well Known Foxxo
I am currently a assistant keyholder and pet expert at Pet Valu... hopefully not doing this once I get out of school :p

Ahkrin Descol

RELIC Specialist
Professional Electricity Consumer/Head Scratcher, Part Time Programmer


New Member
I'm currently a GX (Guest Experience) Specialist at A&W.
I work with guests, help them out as a server would and take orders. All of that.