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What's your nostalgic song?


I love you all <3 We had a good run
I've noticed a lot of people have a particular song or music track that's super nostalgic to them. What's yours?

For me, it's Gravity Hurts (featuring Brinck) by Cryoshell
I heard this a ton growing up as it was used in an awesome music video for Bionicle which I love

Baron Tredegar

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an awesome music video for Bionicle which I love
Another Bionicle fan! Yes! Gravity Hurts is a greatly nostalgic song for me as well along with Creeping in my Soul.

Baron Tredegar

Master of Forgotten Lore
You might like this highly nostalgia inducing tribute I found

Nexus Cabler

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Literally any Three Days Grace song.

I was a kid who was a big fan of Sonic The Hedgehog at the time who happened to be on the internet and stumbled upon these "AMV" thingies people made showing pictures or footage of the Sonic X anime with a song from that band over it- (I swear the song I'd often see used was "animal I have become"


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I remember vividly this song playing on the TV when I was a kid. Back then, I didn't know English at all so I had no idea what she's singing, but I remember the video so well. It brings me back for some reason:

And then this one makes me think of the last year in high school and the first year at university. I also associate it with the quote "Man is alone in darkness. He must bring his own light." because the same person who shared this song with me also said that line.


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I could post a ton, but this one was my first thought


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Oh wow were do I begin?
there are heaps of songs I know that I would consider nostalgic
if I had to pick one
it would be the Ketchup song by Asereje


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I fell in love with this song the first time I saw the movie "Kelly's Heroes". Now over 50 years later I understand what this song was saying and wish I could go back and relive my life, correcting the mistakes I made. I screwed my life up so bad...



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call me basic, but this song has always had this very nostalgic grasp on me, especially considering it's lyrics and music video incorporates themes of childhood imagination and innocence (insomnia, too, something i struggle with to this day).

it may be memed to death in the modern day, but whenever i hear this song i feel super reflective, sulky, and of course, nostalgic.



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I have a lot of songs that trigger some memories in me but definitely "Red Dirt Road" by Brooks and Dunn is one that is very nostaglic to me since I remember my parents listening to it a lot as well as reminds me of living out in the country.

Also "Pressure" by Skindred reminds me a lot of my teenage years as I remember my xbox 360 I bought from a pawnshop came with this song (and various others) which is always triggers memories of that point in my life.

I could list more but will stop here for now :p


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I've only played this game two weeks ago but somehow this theme makes me feel very nostalgic. I wonder how it feels for someone who's played it the day it came out...