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What's Your Passion? (A Discussion Thread)


berries & cream
Hey! Like the title says, this is a thread to discussing your passions--more specifically, your passions within the furry community!

Do you have any big projects you're working on/want to work on in the future? They could be anything from making a furry-centric comic to hosting your own FurCon!

Personally, I'd like to either work on a graphic novel series or maybe even a Visual Novel game with a particular idea I'm developing, though I don't have much experience with either. Of course, that's where practice, feedback, and determination come in!

I'd love to hear what sorts of things everyone is interested in doing or pursuing in a community that we all enjoy so much.


I would love to start doing artist alleys but skill wise I just don’t think I could ever go through with it. ;0; I’ve never been to a furry con so most of my knowledge/experience is with anime/comic cons but the problem is that either way I kinda feel royally boned?
With furry cons from what I can tell it’s all original work but I feel like I don’t make nearly enough furry stuff to ever actually have a good variety to sell. I might try to dabble in shirts because I personally think I’d be a lot better at bright pop art-y designs but still, it is kinda hard when you don’t have much of an audience for that stuff and there are barely any furrycons in the state let alone the city. ;~;
And on the other hand; everything that sells at anime/comic cons is usually flavor of the month fanart. But I’m not nearly cool enough to keep up with what’s popular so I just stick to my main lesser known fandoms that not nearly as many people like.

wOOPS this got super nihilistic anywayS
I would love to make money off my art somehow. I personally can’t really keep up with commissions but I’m sure I could do like shirts and pins at some point!! The real dream is comics/cartoons but tbh that is just a little too hard for me to do.


berries & cream
I would love to start doing artist alleys but skill wise I just don’t think I could ever go through with it. ;0;

There is a niche for everybody in the world of art. It might take time to build up a solid following, but there will always be people out there who will be interested in what you have to offer, and who would like to support you! Don't downplay your abilities, you're capable of greater things than you realize!


Late Healer Ferret
I wanna make art full time. I’m trying but it’s slow starting. Eventually I’d like to do a convention circuit but I’ve never been to a con at all so I wouldn’t know where to begin.

I also want to make my own suit at some point. It just looks fun.


Werewolf a Tophat
Idk I have a passion for clicking circles to the beat.

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Always ill as hell
My main passion is actually drawing my own comics and submitting them here in Japan, either via internet (probably the better route) or by going to a magazine publisher, getting feedback and a chance at entering it in a contest.

But at the moment, I would love to get more clients to commission me, but I need to work on my drawing speed and stamina since it's been getting REALLY screwy recently...
Not to mention, showcase more artwork and commission art examples (been working on a new commission price sheet AND character ref sheets for templates and customs) since those are lacking at the moment.

Naheta Doe

One day one step
I write fur stories when I get the time. With 2 kits, a demanding job and a mate that works away from home, its hard to find time.


My biggest passions are Photography, and Cars. Though... I don't think either of those would be a help to the community in anyway. =/

I used to write a lot, and have thought about getting back into it. That could contribute.


Eeriee the Wendigo
Sex and food


Mr. Villanous charm
I don't really have a passion in the fandom per se. Tho I guess commissioning art can be considered one?

Xavier Fox

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My biggest passions are Photography, and Cars.

That's interesting as I am very big into cars, and have also been into Photography as well for about three years, having bought a good DSLR.

Within the fandom my current passion seems to be waiting.
Waiting for my fursuit!

Hmm. Having fun and saving money to buy a fur suit one day. That's about it for me haha. If those are considered passions.

Paying is only half of it. A suit from a well known maker can then result in a wait of up to a year, or even longer!
It seems the fandom is rather busy and able to keep many, many suit makers hard at work. Which is good but drags a bit when you just want your suit.
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The sheep
Commissions when?
*Shakes head nope*
I'm doin' me for now. I got burnt out doing other people's content and still recovering.

Once I'm done this last gift for someone, I'm going to be working on Dongding's canon story for a while and finally put some stuff on my FA page so I can stop feeling really fucking shitty about it literally all the time...


Smudge and arrogant
I’m currently working on trying to unionize my workplace as well as a few others in Kentucky. I’d say a good 90% of us don’t have union representation and we could bring that down a lot if restaurant employees and hospitality workers and gas station clerks had that support.

Also picked up a sketchbook for the first time in years. Here goes nothing