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What's Your Poison?


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It's simple, what's your favorite hobby, past time, guilty pleasure, indulgence, vice...etc. I think you get what I'm going at here.

Me, I smoke hookah and drink as vices that aren't really healthy for me. Currently I'm smoking hookah, which is what gave me the idea for this thread. I'm also a caffeine addict and a total coffee snob.

So, what's your poison?
I'm addicted to Monsters (Absolute Zero), I drink a lot over somewhat long periods of time, but I collect figures like nobodies business :E


More fashionable than Gucci
I'm addicted to Monsters (Absolute Zero), I drink a lot over somewhat long periods of time, but I collect figures like nobodies business :E

OMG Monster. Om nom nom. I'm a big fan of the Import personally, but lately I've been going with the larger can of the original (not the BFC, mind you) and splitting it over two days at work. Have you tried Zero Ultra? I like it the best out of the Zero line so far. It's an all white can, you can't miss it.


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Medium dry sherry. I usually don't drink at all but give me a bottle of that stuff and it is empty within a few of hours >__>

Other than that building Gundam models hurts my wallet pretty badly :p


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mmm well i'd say tobacco, I love smoking, though I know its not good. I like to dip on the weekend while I veg out and play halo, it keeps me geeked up for the game. "OOOH IM LIPPIN SO HARD!"
Im also a man that loves his booz, of all kinds. My favorite would have to be whiskey or tequila, depending on my mood.


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Smokes: Marlboro 100s soft-pack, when I can afford them, otherwise 'special blends', or whatever's cheapest without having to resort to 'Mavericks' (ick!).

Booze: Yuengling beer when I'm home on the East Coast, but while in college, PBR or Coors Banquet. But I do enjoy a nice rum & RC every once in a while.


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I tried snorting pixie sticks once when I was young.

Never do again.


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I like coffee :V


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Caffeine for me. I hate the taste of coffee, but love pop and tea. As well, I'm okay with energy drinks (eg. Red Bull).


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Yeah, I'm gonna have to go with "The Internet"


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My favorite hobby is spreading happiness and cheer to everyfurry here on furaffinity! ^_^

Stop it or I will find some way to "Straighten" you out.


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Soda. I drink atleast 1 liter a day of that stuff.