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What's your profession/job?


Site Developer

I get to build/demolish stuff, pretty fun actually.

One of the best kinds of jobs out there.
Later in life, when you get to pass by the places you've worked you can say "Hell yeah, I've built this thing", and it will feel good. Tangible creation that lasts for decades and that many people appreciate.


Built for Sin!
Unemployed/'freelance'. It's not enough to be considered income.



You can't win 'em all.
Nuclear engineering. I'm looking to move into professional photography and printing as a little side hobby/business.
Nice! I'm currently majoring in nuclear engineering at my school. :)

By day, I'm a retail worker; by night, I'm a Guide for the ChaCha service, haha.


Am I really the only office-monkey? My working life is ruled by pieces of paper, emails and spreadsheets.

In my defence, I've done my time in call centres and fast food joints. Can you believe KFC is a better employer than Costa Coffee? At least at KFC we had a staff room. And an employee toilet.


Blessing In Disguise
I'm in the wonderful world of customer service....a cashier at Safeway *rolls eyes*


Wow... some people's occupations sound rather interesting...
Except mine

Full time slacker/part time punching bag as a theater doorman (glorified janitor XP)


Still not at 10k posts
Generally a student, but for the meantime I'm working on a factory line, operating a Tog-L-Lock.


Temporary part time data entry with VERY limited hours. In other words trying to pretend I'm not unemployed.


The Laconic Draconic
I'm a Walmart cashier. I work for the devil. I sell tobacco and tobacco paraphenalia to barely legal little punks who I want to shove those cigarettes right up their stupid little noses.

(In other words, I work the tobacco register, and it irritates the crap out of me. And after days like today, all I want to do is take a flamethrower to the crap and dance over the ashes)

No offense meant to anyone who smokes. Everyone is entitled to one vise, seriously. Mine is caffeine.


Lux Aeterna
I'm the unfortunate one... I have no job, nor am I going to school. I'm taking online courses though.

but I can say, my dream career would be astrobiology, via working with NASA. I'm quite smart when it comes to space/extraterrestrial life, and I shall be the one to discover new life! *proud moment*... bleh, I'm so alone >_<


The Commissar
Freezer guy.

Midi Bear

Senseless high school idiot. Or as some would say, student. Which basically means I'm young and unemployed.